I Got Your Back Achievement

  • I Got Your Back



    Completely upgraded the armor of one of your party members.


    This achievement requires you to get all of the armor upgrades for a single companion. Bethany or Carver do not count toward this achievement because they only have one armor upgrade.

  • You can buy armor upgrades from various armor vendors. I found two in Lowtown, one for aveline and one for varric, plus the one for bethany/carver which you get for completing the quest Ancestral Home.
  • There are four upgrades per person (except Bethany/Carver). To get this one you have to get all of them for at least one party member. There are items in specific acts that need to be purchased/quested. @1, those are all the ones available in act 1.
  • ^^ Also, it seems that in act 1, there is one armor upgrade available for each character. In Act 2, there are two more upgrades available for each character, one can be purchased from a vendor, the other can be usually (but not always) be obtained while doing that character's personal quest.
  • In act three, Varric's fourth upgrade can be found in a chest during the side quest Finding Nathaniel. Completing the quest Justice will give you one for Anders (I think I missed one of his earlier in the game, so I can't confirm it is his fourth).
  • How do you fully upgrade Fenris's armor?
  • so how do you "obtain" the upgrades during the quests?, ive only seen them at vendors
  • Here is the list of armor upgrades and where to find them: - Anders: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Act 2: Armor Suits (Lirene's Ferelden Imports, Lowtown) Act 2: Lyrium Weave (Mage Goods, Gallows Courtyard) Act 2: Spirit Essence (Dissent) Act 3: Sigil of the Mage Underground (Best Served Cold) - Aveline: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Act 1: Underpadding - Guardsman Pattern (Armor Stand, Lowtown) Act 2: Impact Plating - Guardsman Pattern (Armor Stand, Lowtown) Act 2: Flex-Chain - Guardsman Pattern (Raiders on the Cliffs) Act 3: Deflecting Joints - Guardsman Pattern (Favor and Fault) - Bethany and Carver: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Continued: - Bethany and Carver: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Act 1: Carver: Fereldan Girded Plating (Birthright) Act 1: Bethany: Heirloom Amell Protective Sigils (Birthright) - Fenris: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Act 2: Tevinter Spirit Symbol (Robes by Jean Luc, Hightown) Act 2: Lyrium Scales (Shady Merchandise, Docks) Act 2: Reinforced Straps (A Bitter Pill) Act 3: Enchanted Resin (Mine Massacre) - Isabela: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Act 2: Rigid Boning (Apparel Shop, Lowtown) Act 2: Supportive Corselet (Robes by Jean Luc, Hightown) Act 2: Lambswool Insoles (To Catch a Thief) Act 3: Boiled Leather Plates (A Murder o
  • Continued: Act 3: Boiled Leather Plates (A Murder of Crows) - Merrill: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Act 2: Samite Lining (Robes by Jean Luc, Hightown) Act 2: Carved Ironwood Buttons (Ilen's Crafts, Sundermount) Act 2: Silver-Threaded Dalish Embroidery (Top of Sundermount) Act 3: Halla Horn Buckles (A New Path) - Sebastian: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Act 2: Enchanted Articulation (Armor Shop, Gallows Courtyard) Act 2: Reinforced Bracers (Olaf's Armory, Hightown) Act 2: Mail Undertunic (Repentance) Act 3: Protection of the Faith (Best Served Cold) - Varric: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Act 1: Inscribed Leather Harness
  • Continued: Act 1: Inscribed Leather Harness (Apparel Shop, Lowtown) Act 2: Coat Lining with Concealed Pockets (Shady Merchandise, Docks) Act 2: Silverite-Reinforced Buckles (Family Matter) Act 3: Drakeskin Leg Straps (Finding Nathaniel)
  • @7-10 - Thanx Diivil, big help :)
  • does the armor disappear if you don't have the character with you when you buy it?
  • @12 no it goes to them just as if they were with you.
  • thanks for the help
  • trying to get this to pop with avelines armour upgrades, but i've spent hours just walking around ingame waiting for 'favour and fault' to activate. i have one piece of 'on the loose' main quest to complete but if i remeber rightly as soon as i do that the gallows become inaccessable except for final quest. anyone got any ideas?
  • I purchased the inscribed leather harness for varric - he wasn't in my party at the time - when I did put him back in my party this armour piece was not to be found. I went back to the same merchant to possibly rebuy but not there either. Any ideas?
  • 16 - It should already be on him. It's auto-applied.
  • Does it mean, if I missed an upgrade for some character in Act 1 I will not be able to upgrade it fully later on?
  • thanks Diivil

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