Legendary Achievement

  • Legendary



    Reached Level 20.

    This is unlocked immediately upon reaching Level 20. You are not required to spend the points you have earned for the achievement to unlock. Although not needed to obtain this achievement, there is a glitch that can be used to obtain experience and money very quickly. This glitch can be performed using any side-quest that doesn’t involve a cut-scene to turn in. Save your game before talking to the NPC required to complete the quest. Draw your weapon with  and as you are putting your weapon away talk to the NPC. Continue spamming  to earn continuous amounts of XP and money. A video demonstrating this can be seen below.

  • So is lvl 20 going to be the cap? seems like it should be higher but that's what dlc is for i guess.
  • Hopefully there wont be a level cap and level 20 is just an achievement.
  • I reckon cap will be 25 again, origins cap was 25 and achievement was for 20 :p
  • I'm going to cry if max is 20 :(
  • I'm fine with a cap, so long as there is a way to reset all of the skills, etc
  • Not the cap.
  • mite b cool.
  • 50 is the level cap.
  • 25 will probably be level cap, as it was with origins.
  • Its 50 if not unlimited because leveling gets harder and on one play you will never get everything or close. Yet there are XP glitches that can get you maxed in no time. I did it and got to 40 in about 10 minutes. I then reloaded my save as as nice as having 'everything' i don't want to fight level 40s plus leveling is fun and gives me a goal. No once i beat the game then i can play with the level 40+ save
  • I maxed my mage out using the EXP glitch because I wanted to see how high the level cap was but now I am thinking about going to my pervious save and only going up to about 20ish as it seems a little cheap now that I know everything I want to know (skill wise) and I am kinda raping the AI (which was kinda the point but didn't want to by this much other wise I would have played on casual) even though they are suppose to be gaining in level along side of me as I go up. So yeah, make sure to save BEFORE doing the glitch, that way if you screw up or have glitching remorse you can always go back.
  • The level cap is 50. i have one mage at 34
  • I have completed the game on level 19, I have done all the available missions.. Is there any way I can still get to 20?
  • I am still on act 1 and I am level 20
  • how are you guys getting your characters that high of a level? my rouge was 23 when i finished the game
  • @16 lol can you just keep going to different areas and fighting people or something? because i know there isn't that many quests in act 1
  • does this glitch still work?
  • Interesting. I would love to learn this glitch, seeing as I only got to level 21 by the end of the game
  • yea id like to know about the glitch as well seeing as im on my second playthrough and just wanna get the achievements i missed out on in my first. i manganed to be a lecel 22 warrior by the end of my first.
  • I think they've just patched the glitch now - had an update this morning and thought i'd try it - to no avail. You should be able to get to level 20 fairly easily anyway in your first play through if you do all missions, however if you wanted to reach 50 you may find it a little more challenging!!
  • and if I reinstall that game and delete any patch in my 360? does the glitch will still active?
  • #22 i'm still able to use it after the update, i think i'm 42 right now at the beginning of act 3
  • #23 what quest did u complete, im trying to do it with the stone toe but not working
  • They only problem with the level glitch is that you could be level 50 and still not be on the expedition yet into the Darkroads.
  • Is this glitch patched yet, and if it is, is there an easy way of getting rid of the patch (aka can you just delete it)? I tried deleting the patches on Fable III before and seriously f***ed up the game :'( not going to do that again... Also what act is this done on?
  • the glitch worked perfectly thanks
  • the glitch dont work for me :
  • lvl cap is 50. i have a lvl 50 mage without dlcs.
  • not even to deep roads yet either
  • I tried the glitch earlier today a couple of times, doesn't seem to work anymore.
  • I'm pretty sure thishasbeen patched. I'm gonna have to stop being lazy and do this the hard way aren't I LOL.
  • lvl 20 is not the cap lvl 50 is,like origins there is a lvl up glitch
  • 1.when you go on the quest for at sundermount there's a crate with the seal of house talwain in it get the seal complete the quest. 2.look in your journal and youll find the quest for the seal. 3.go to the area for the quest when you see the women you give it to pull out your weapon,get in talking distance when he/she puts away there weapon push the a button multiple times.when your arm starts hurting tou can pause it and it wont interupt the glitch.
  • there are more quests like this(if it goes to cut scene it wont work)but this is the first
  • I believe this has finally been patched.
  • Yeah, the glitch is a no-go for me too. I've tried it many times with many different quests, and not a twitch of extra XP. It's patched! But I think the question others are asking above is pertinent. Could you clear your cache, do the glitch while off XBL and level up, then sign back in and reinstall the patches, and continue the game with your beefy Hawke? Does anyone want to try it?
  • @#38 I deleted the title update and it stopped me from loading my previous game in order to do this glitch still I believe you must delete the title update and start all over on a new char
  • ahh im so close to level 20 and i beat the game and now i cant get it :/. i didnt get any exp from meredith otherwise i would have level....
  • those ba****s
  • 40- Don't you have more sidequests on an older save? Glitch doesnt work for me. Only at lvl 16 for both my characters (Before final events). Maybe if i got to 18, ill get to 20 from the final events.
  • Just in case anyone is still attempting to do the xp/gold glitch,it was patched a while back now.According to Dragon Age Wiki if you own the disc version of the game,you could clear your cache & remove the update,play the first 10 mins of the game til you can do a side quest,do the glitch to the lvl you want,then save,re-install the update & away you go. If like me you own the games-on-demand version,tough luck as the patch is embedded in the game itself.You will get a title update when you first start playing it but thats not related to this glitch.

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