Financier Achievement

  • Financier



    Became a partner in a Deep Roads expedition.

    This is missable. For this achievement, you must pay Bartrand 50 sovereigns to join the Deep Roads expedition. This may require additional exploring and doing side quests to obtain. The "Friends in Low Places" side quest becomes available through a letter in Gamlen's house if you have completed 50% of the quests in Act I. If you come across this quest do not accept Dougal’s loan because you will not get this achievement.

  • Make you you finance the mission yourself, don't take the option to borrow the money or you wont get this!
  • Yep, just realized this. I guess I'll get that one the next play through...
  • I had enough money when I borrowed it from the dwarf so I did not get it. -.-
  • Lame achievement.
  • ive not got this on xbox yet but i have it on steam for pc and tbh its actually a piss easy game (mind my french) ive completed it as both mage and rogue atm so getting this achi wasnt that hard... i got it on first playthrough as mage and now playing as warrior i cud just borrow the money then kill the dwarf that borrowed it me... love this game so much :D
  • I got this even though I borrowed from Dougal.... glitch?
  • yeh cud be a glitch... did you have the 50 sovereigns anyways ?
  • i borrowed money from dougal and got this achievement to, idk if its gliched. heres the video i followed
  • How do you find the dwarf. On the quest it says something like give 50 sovereigns and get a map for the road. I don't know what 50 sovereigns are and I got a map from this guy earlier on. Any ideas
  • where is the merchents guild

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