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    Used teamwork to perform a cross-class combo.

    These combo attacks only require two of the three classes. Certain abilities will set your target up for a combo from the other two classes by staggering, disorienting or making the enemy brittle. These become much easier to perform at higher levels due to a wider range of abilities being available. You will most unlock this achievement without even knowing the combos and can be done by watching your companions fight.

  • W00T! Cross-class combos for realz?? I can only imagine how that's going to work. I'm remembering casting "Death Hex" on an elite, and then deciding to go ahead and use "Death Cloud" immediately after, and getting over 500 points of damage on a target. Secret combos are great when you do them yourself, but can only be better cross-class =D
  • Going to be relatively easy with cone of cold + critical melee damage.
  • use a warrior to stagger the enemy, then have a rogue or mage attack them.
  • I'm having trouble with this. Can someone help me how to do it? Thanks.
  • @4, me too, I have had enemies frozen by my mage and yet when I (rogue) attack, this has yet to pop... any hints anyone??
  • i think youve got to put it in tattics, set it so that wen your charter does a attak type or status atk (ie stagger) anouther player's tattic is set to attack wen tht status is inflicted
  • Just play the game.. you will get it eventually... I got it on accident
  • I waited until an enemy was staggered and i used assinate, Pwned
  • Use tactics to set a mage/warrior/rouge to use a spell/talent that will cause one of the effects to happen to the target then use one of your characters abilities to finish them off. sometimes you have to level up the ability before it will affect staggered, brittle or disoriented enemies.
  • Got this with Anders and warrior. Anders froze and warrior slammed the ground and bing, achievement for it. It was a fluke too.
  • Woo just got this one without knowing anything about it :)

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