That Thing Has Legs Achievement

  • That Thing Has Legs



    Found and killed a varterral.

    This is missable. In order to get this quest, you MUST complete the main story quest "Blackpowder Courtesy", which can be picked up from the writing desk in your estate at the start of Act II. After competing this quest, go to Merrill's home and speak to her to begin her companion quest "Mirror Image".

    NOTE: She must be in your active party in order for you to start this quest. Next, travel to Sundermount and talk to Keeper Marrethari to start "Honoring the Fallen". Take the path to the far left of the Keeper to enter the Varterral Hunting Grounds, where you will eventually encounter the Varterral.

  • Glad to see this thing returning. Hopefully they make it a little more challenging this time.
  • Such a pain to kill.
  • Its part of a quest, The Herbalists Task But i where to where journel said, (no map marker) and i couldnt find one after going up and down the mountain, to the summit
  • I just found one of these, you have to have a companion quest from Merril called "mirrior image"
  • Glitch warning: After doing the Mirror Image quest with Merril, avoid landing the final blow on the vartarral in the little cubby hole near the back of that room it's in. You won't be able to loot the beast for the Herbalist quest.
  • You also get to fight one During "A Murder of Crwos" quest in ACT III. When you run into someone from Dragon Age: Origins
  • i ran into two of these during a single runthrough, i found that annoying, went out of my way to find and kill this thing. and another one pops up..
  • This achievement is glitched. I killed both of them in the game and the achievement didn't unlock.
  • just wanted to add to #3 and #4. You can get this achievement early in act 2; you'll get a quest called "Blackpowder Courtesy". Complete this quest. In the process of doing so you'll get a bunch of companion quests. You'll get one for Merrill called "Mirror Image." This will take you back to Sundermount to see the Keeper. She will unlock the area where the 1st Varterral is. You can also complete that part of the Herbalist task quest at the same time.
  • I actually found these rather easy especially if you have the Mabari warhound.
  • Strangely enough this wasn't as hard as some of the other battles in this game.
  • Found in a side quest with Merrill (who is my favorite character in the game) when she is trying to repair a mirror. THIS IS A SIDE QUEST AND CAN BE MISSED

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