Stone Cold Achievement

  • Stone Cold



    Defeated the rock wraith on your expedition into the Deep Roads.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Strategy: The four pillars in this room are the key to success here. The biggest ability in the Rock Wraith's arsenal, Arcane Blast can be completely avoided by using these pillars to get out of the wraith's line of sight. You can tell when the boss is ready to use this ability because he begins to suck in all the air in the room. As it is resistant to mostly all attacks, the best time to attack it is when it's core is exposed (he appears to be broken into pieces and his red core is showing). He will also summon Profane, but they are fairly weak and can be easily handled with area of effect abilities.

  • Does anybody know what you get when you let him live ?
  • i don't know anyone who would let him live. you get to all that treasure for just telling Varric to do the work? it's a no brainer
  • If you let him live you get the key and leave the treasure and get out of the deep roads!!
  • cant get past him!!!!!! grrrrrr

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