Conqueror Achievement

  • Conqueror



    Defeated Meredith, knight-commander of Kirkwall's templars.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Strategy for the final boss fight can be seen in the video below:

  • best part about her fight was Varric saying "Andraste's dimpled buttcheeks" lol she's a nut
  • *spoilers maybe* i was semi dissapointed with how easy she was compared to some bosses
  • she was wayyyyy too easy. i was hoping the game would be longer too
  • Where do you fight her?
  • Toward the very end of the game, she wasn't to hard though
  • no one is hard to fight when your a level 50 mage or rogue before you even do the birth right quest (Y)
  • Is this one missable? It sounds story related. I'm in Act 3, so I want to make sure I time my saves right if it's possible to make a wrong choice and miss this one.
  • @8 Nope, Meredith is the games final Boss. Regardless of choice =)

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