Weapon Master Achievement

  • Weapon Master



    Mastered a weapon style.

    Simply obtain all talents (with respective upgrades) in one of the weapon-specific talent trees. The talent trees that count towards this achievement are Weapon & Shield, Two-Handed Weapon, Dual-Weapon and Archery. If you are playing as a mage, no need to worry; upgrading any of your companion's weapon talent trees completely, will earn you this as well.

  • Just to note this can be on any of the main peeps as you level up threw the game
  • for some reason it didnt work as a mage, but when i leveled one of the rouges talent tree's i got this achievement
  • I got it as a Mage though it might be because of finishing a party member's skill set.
  • So it does not have to be Hawke's skill set???
  • @4. No, it can be any party members skills too.
  • @5 well i wasent able to get it to work at all and its 2012 i leveled up 3 skill trees to the max and i still havent gotten it.

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