Dragon Slayer Achievement

  • Dragon Slayer



    Found and killed a high dragon.

    This is missable. The quest to slay the High Dragon, entitled "Mine Massacre", can be started in Act III in two different locations depending on what quests you have completed. If you previously completed the "Bone Pit" and "Inside Job" quests, travel to the Hightown market and speak to Hubert. If you haven’t completed the above quests, travel to the Bone Pit to automatically start the quest.


    • Healing - Although you should always be carrying plenty of potions due to their abundance, I am going to stress the importance of healing on this fight. Make sure Anders (spirit healing mage) is in your party as well, unless you are playing as a healing mage.

    • Party Make-Up - On top of the spirit healer, you will need a traditional tank to hold the High Dragon’s attention as he outputs serious melee damage. A mage with talents in Arcane or Elemental will provide much needed damage output.

    • Equipment - cold weapon enchantments and fire resistance runes will be beneficial

    Stage #1: Ground Attack – The dragon will remain on the ground in this stage and can easily be attacked by a warrior specialized for it. Spread the rest of your party out to avoid the tail and any frontal attacks.

    Stage #2: Dragonlings – The dragon will take to the air and sit on a perch above the battlefield. Dragonlings will begin to attack as the High Dragon rains down fireballs at your party. Keep everyone spread out again as the fireballs do AoE damage when they hit the ground. Keep two of your party members (preferably the warrior and rogue) on dragonling duty while your caster’s bombard the dragon.

    Once the dragonlings are defeated, the High Dragon lands and the cycle begins again. Repeat the above strategy until you emerge victorious and the achievement is yours. A video can be found below.

  • I guess the high dragons will be the same as they were in origins, hopefully they vary though, with some fire, some ice, thunder ect
  • I hope this won't be as linear as in the first game. I hope we can find some kind of randomly, not just once and during the story line ...
  • The High Dragon not part of the main storyline. And is a pita to fight.
  • Damn that dragon was annoying, really tough, but if you fight it on casual it's not that bad...but man it was tough.
  • killed it in the first try on casual. i died several times on casual against it in Origins.
  • what mission do i do to kill it or at least find it
  • where can i find the high dragon?
  • bone pit act 3. note i was a level 18 mage and bet it on normal but took 20 mins stalk up and all healing things (i didn't). good luck
  • If its anything like the dragon fight from the gong in Origins then it should be a fun fight
  • The dragon in origins was a joke. I gave Shale a weapon that regenerated health faster than the dragon dealt damage to him. I was able to put the controller down and watch him auto-solo it. I sincerely hope the dragon in 2 is harder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c371GK2CmnU my narration sucks =(
  • Beat it with a level ten party. Tank, healer, Mage, and myself a DW rogue. Hard difficulty, second attempt.
  • Do the bone pit quests act 1&2 then on act 3, you'll fight it there just set your other party members tactics to self=health 75% elfroot potion, self=health 50% health potion. piece of cake.
  • @11 Why on earth were you only level 10 on Act 3?
  • haha thats what i was thinking
  • go in with 2 ranged and a warrior or tank and lots of health stamina and lyrium potions and it should be fine :)
  • got it with a level 14 party 2 warriors, healing mage and rogue took a lil time though mostly did it myself with my warrior
  • Bring Varric and Vael, like Origins archery damage is severe. When the cut scene of the dragon was done I just stood there, put my party on hold and Varric and my mage basically wanded him. Summon the Mabari as well, it seemed to make the Dragon stand there and do nothing. He didn't blow fire or bite him, he would try the tail whip, but I would just see the Dog stay there, only affect he could do was Dragon roar which stunned him. Go Mabari!
  • Killed it first try with Varric, Anders, Isabella, and myself as a tank (plus mabari warhound for those who have it). No one died which should have been a freakin achievement in itself imo but bring the potions that bring characters back to life (forget the name). Easy if yah know what yur doin and have a little luck.
  • Killed 2nd try with Anders (healer) Merril (ranged) and Fenris (tank) with hawke also being a tank. Level was 17. easy enough as long as you have plenty of health, lyrium and stamina potions.
  • try being a Dwarf and killing it in origins with a wolf,bear and a spider from the ranger classes of the rouge
  • all my party have died against this Dragon, except VARIC and i have kill the dragon with him alone(after almost 25 minutes)
  • i found the dragon without ever having starts the quest that i know of i got smashed but then i havent upgraded anyone for the past 4 levels

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