Demon Slayer Achievement

  • Demon Slayer



    Found and killed the ancient demon, Hybris.


    This is missable. The scrolls for this quest can only be collected in Act III. You must collect the three scrolls and complete the respective aspect quests:

    Wounded Coast: If entering the Wounded Coast from the main entrance, head down the dead end to the South of the entrance to find the scroll. Return to the main path and continue south. The path eventually turns and begins running east to west. Continue along and take your second right. As you head down this branch, you will be attacked by multiple groups of Corpses and finally Medan. After killing Medan, the quest will be completed.

    Sundermount #1: Found on the path leading from the Sundermount’s entrance to the Dalish elf camp. After collecting the scroll, pass through the Dalish camp and take the right at the fork by Keeper Marethari. As you proceed up the hillside, you will come to a campfire and be attacked by a large group of shades and an Arcane Horror. Defeat them to complete the quest.

    Sundermount #2: Directly behind (North) this campfire where you were attacked is a wall. You will find the final scroll behind this wall. Continue up the mountain and enter the cavern. Exit the cavern through the Mountain Graveyard exit and take a right to continue up the mountain. Pass the loot-able graves and altar and you will be attacked by the demons Gifre, Bysmor and Beacon. Defeating them will complete this final scroll quest.

    After finding the three scrolls and completing their associated quests, you will unlock the journal entry for "Awiergan Scrolls: Pride Unbound". You must now head to the Hidden Dungeon in Darktown. If you toggle labels, it is marked on the map as Hidden Lair. It can be found in the northeast part of town, south of Ander's clinic. If you are looking at the change party station outside of Ander's clinic, turn around and the entrance is the tilted ladder by the lantern.

  • Possible a reference to the Greek word Hubris meaning Arrogant and boastful
  • Also, an English Y can sound like an English short U in some languages, such as Welsh. :)
  • Or maybe it's referring to the pride demon you resurrect in the deep roads in da:o, that you can choose to set free that will "come back to haunt you" or something along those lines
  • I don't care what it is, I'm going to kill it.
  • Hmm not as hard as the high dragon i don't think, least it wasn't for me...
  • where do i find this thing
  • Hybris can be found by completing The Awiergan Scrolls: First Aspect, Second Aspect, OR Third Aspect. Then enter the Hidden Dungeon on the Northeastern side of Darktown. Kill the Hybris to unlock.
  • Scrolls: 1. Outside the Dalish camp behind a wall (before it, but not by much in that loop right before the camp) 2. Right before the Sundermount passage, where I think its, the 2nd lair is (right behind the wall) 3.Wounded coast- few steps from main entrace to the south on dead end road. Lairs: Sundermount-1st is south of Sundermount passage in the ruins;2nd is on the top of mountain, between graveyard and cave with Felandaris rock and Pride demon for Melliviens quest Wounded coast- south of Quanari camp Our demon: Darktown- hidden lair south of the clinic Lairs are marked with an "X" on minimap. when you reach this "X", undead will ambush you.
  • #4 Oh Vasquez, you're just too bad...
  • How does this quest start? Looked for the scrolls in Act1 and didn't find them now i'm on act 2 looking for them.
  • gahhh where in dark town is it!!!!
  • I can't find the darktown lair neither. :(
  • Found it. I went back to the lair past the graveyard and killed 2 reverents. One of them was a boss(couldn't remember the name) then quest log updated and told me to go to darktown. Hope this helps a little
  • Ok, OK i Stared this quest in I think is Act 3 after i became the Champion, so as it show i think people are confusing with other quest. Since this quest is not available until after u are the champion. To answer ChrisBGoose question, the quest star, When u find either one of the scrolls. I don't know if it has to be in any order, but for me i found the first Scroll in the Wounded coast, as u enter the map to the left side there is a path there it is, After that look at ur map and u will see a ( X ) that will say Hidden lair go there and u fight some undead and move to the next one. The second in before the entrance to the dalish camp, on the left side of the map as u coming to the camp, the same look at the map and look for the ( X ) for the Hidden Lair is the same ar
  • Cont, ea. the last scroll is still in the dalish camp, But is in the road to the Sundermount Passage cave, behind a broken wall, where the fire is surrounded by standing stones. AFTER THAT, this is where most people made the mistake, U need to go up Up the mountain, go trough " Sundermount Passage" cave, then go trough the "Mountain Graveyard" passage, go up the mountain, passing where u summon Flemmet in the beginning of the game as u go up u will find Hidden lair. And at Last, go to Darktown the Last Hidden Lair is Right Next to the Clinic, this is the same entrance with u did the Quest at the beginning of the game that u when looking for the Will of the Grandparents of Hawke, After that go and and beat the crap out Pride and achievement unlock, I Hope this
  • Alucard is spot on i only started act 3 and easy as to find and finish :)
  • Also, you don't have to do them in order. I did 3 then 2 then 1.
  • hes to hard:( i dont know what is a good wep/shield and armor settup is good.'
  • In order for the darktown one to appear you must fist return to the toop oof sundermount and figth the 2 Reverants Beacon & Gifre then the codex updates.
  • does it matter what i act i do this in?
  • The side quest for the scrolls can only be done in Act3;you don't auto-recieve the quest so you must find one of the scrolls to start it. Anyone who has questions about what to do when you find a scroll or the actual locations of the scroll should refer to comment #8 by Zodiac025. can't explain it much better than that,
  • i found one of the scrolls i think in act 1 does that mean i can still do the quest in act 3?
  • Can you see this X on the map
  • #22 BG I'm pretty sure you didn't find the scrolls related to this quest in Act I. The scrolls are only found in Act III. #23 Mad The (X) is visible on the map, but it's not highlighted or anything, you'll have to move your cursor around the map until you locate the right (X) Hidden Lair. Once you know where it is, head over to that location. Once you've located and defeated all 3 Ascpects, you won't get a notification in Darktown, just a message in your Journal suggesting you visit Darktown and locate another Hidden Lair. Just like the previous lairs, find the (X) on your map in Darktown and head there. Someone above mentioned that it's right outside Ander's clinic, if you can't find it.
  • I found the one on the wounded coast first. hope this doesnt affect the cheevo
  • Yeah same
  • I found the one on the Wounded Coast first and that started the chain. I'm having some trouble finding the ones on Sundemount but I have been waiting to explore the area more when I get a certain someone's character mission.
  • it doesnt matter about the order, i got the third aspect, then the first and lastly the second. Also easiest fight so far. 30second kill. Rogue, Aveline, merill, Anders. Used like 4 powers and its health was nearly all gone. then it took me like 15seconds of stabbing with crappy weapons.
  • to unlock the awiergan scolls:pride unbound quest i firstly went to the dalish camp getting the third scroll i think, it was just before the camp at sundermount left of the enterance. Then i went towards the top of sundermount for another scroll and on the way i was ambushed by shades with a leader or sorts. After killing him the quest was unlocked and he dropped the bloom weapon.
  • You'll get a pretty cool weapon after this, Tried it on warrior. No idea on mages and rouges
  • I was able to go to a later save and still get this one
  • i got the daelish scroll in the ruins but when it says "Hidden Lair" there is nothign there :L
  • how do i kill him as i have played this quest twice with aveline, merrill and anders both as a warrior and rogue and was still getting my butt kicked it is getting really frustrating getting killed all the time even when i revive my companions with mythal's favor potion is there a specific type of strategy i can use.

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