Chantry Historian Achievement

  • Chantry Historian



    Found all four chapters of "The History of the Chantry," by Brother Genitivi.


    This is missable. Chapters 1, 2 and 4 can be found by visiting the Chantry during each Act. I recommend that you make visiting the Chantry your priority upon starting each Act so that you do not forget to do this.

    Note: Chapter 3 is missable and is only available during the quest "Following the Qun" during Act II. After traveling to the Chantry at night, you will encounter a cut-scene where you discover Saemus' fate. Immediately after the cut-scene ends, use your targeting wheel by pressing  to pause combat. The book will be on the podium overlooking the ground level of the Chantry. Select it with the targeting wheel to pick it up. You may also be able to grab it in between breaks in the combat if you missed it the first time, but it will be more difficult. If you are unable to pick it up before the cut-scene begins, simply reload your last autosave and try again.

  • Okay question, I went through and found all 4 chapters like the achievement says to do but when I gathered the last one the achievement didn't unlock, I checked my guide book and it says that you can't get one of the chapters till act 2 so my question is, anybody else have this problem?
  • where do i find them?
  • I'm going through the game now for achievements, ill post them here once ive found then all.
  • All of the books are found in the Chantry First Book ~ Act 1 ~ In chantry during daytime (No quest needed) Second Book ~ Act 2 ~ In chantry during daytime (No quest needed) Third Book ~ Act 2 ~ In chantry during (Follow the Qun) Save before entering the Chantry You can only get this during the null in battle. Fight next to the alter, and just keep trying to pick it up during the fight. If you can't RELAOD Save and do it again. Fourth Book ~ Act 3 ~ In chantry during daylight (No quest needed)
  • All in the chantry? strange. I found the third book in the back of Ander's clinic in Act 2.
  • @#5 You are mistaken. You are referring to the History of Kirkwall in the back of Ander's clinic in Act 2
  • Can you do this over more than one play through? I missed the book in the first act but got the other three.
  • #7 Vyper08 No .. I just tried that.
  • NICE, thanks baujin
  • So I'm in act 3, went to get the last book and it's not there... Awesome.
  • hey BigGay, in act3 go to the chantry (make sure its day) go to the back, up the stairs to the left, left from the top of the stairs, thru the pillars, on top of some crates is Chapter 4. If u still can't find it then you may have progressed the story too far.
  • I think this achievement for me is bugged
  • For the one during 'Follow the Qun', where is the book? The battle with the Arishok in is not in the Chantry. I just went though a playthrough, but had missed the previous books. I decided to find it during the battle but couldn't. Any help?
  • Oh wait- I think I just answered my own question- are you talking about the battle with Mother Patrice? For some reason I was thinking the one with the Arishok. My bad. #^_^#
  • @4 - Thanx Baujin I found the one is was missing
  • Hey @4 when you're in the chantry in the fight you can hold LT and target the book to select it and act on it ;) quite useful to know hope it helps save people some time! Also thanks for the locations were a great help found the one I missed!
  • Ok... this guide had to have been screwed up right when the game released right? I did exactly what the guide told me to do, but I didn't get the History of the Chantry, I got the history of Kirkwall... The images were wrong in the guide when the game released. Poor job. How long would just a dry run take to get to act 3 while gathering these? I don't really want to start all over just for 2 achievements... Poo.
  • As clarification - I haven't played this since mid April... followed the guide to a T the entire time. Just got back into playing right before the end of Act II...
  • One thing, always go to the forums for info, the guides seem to all be glitched. Other players who have done it already will have better info.
  • For those worrying about trying to grab the chantry book during the Arishok fight, if you use your radial menu, you'll find that there is a circular redicule in the middle of the menu. The player can use it to target an object, hit A, and then as soon as you close the menu, the player will interact with the selected target. This let's you pick things up and open things, even in combat.
  • Read the last one 10 minutes ago and got no achievment. Woopdidoo awesome, guess I'll just replay this very short game and hope it works this time. No problemo............
  • Glad i searched everywhere to get this
  • That video is clutch. It helps a lot.

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