A Worthy Rival Achievement

  • A Worthy Rival



    Earned the Arishok's respect.

    This is missable. You will need to gain the respect of the Arishok before the end of the ‘Demands of the Qun’ main quest. In order to gain maximum respect from the Arishok, always tell him the truth and pick the top right option (green leaf). You should also make the following key choices (quest names are indicated in red):

    1. After completing "Blackpowder Courtesy" you will speak to Viscount Dumar, followed by Seneschal Bran in Viscount Keep. He will give you "Offered and Lost". Instead of setting out to complete this quest right away, travel to the Qunari Compound on the Docks and speak to the Arishok. Pick the dialogue option "Your delegate is missing" to earn a great amount of respect.

    2. "Offered and Lost": At Ser Varnel's Refuge, after you kill Varnel you will engage in conversation with Viscount Dumar. During this conversation select the dialogue option “Do not hide it. He’ll know”.

    3. After completing "Offered and Lost", return to the Arishok and speak to him, choosing all of the honest and respectful answers. The achievement should unlock after this conversation, but if not continue to Step 4 and you will definately have it.

    4. "Demands of the Qun": After completing "To Catch A Thief" you will visit the Arishok at the docks. During this cutscene about the relic, select the dialog options "Isabela has it" and "Yes it is" and the achievement should unlock.

  • Anytime you converse with him do not lie or act jerky, just be upstanding, straight forward, and if all else fails... slightly sympathetic.
  • Roughly when do you get this, anyway?
  • You pretty much have to report to him after you do all the Qunari related quests and you have to be really honest.
  • Can you use the angry/mean options to get this? Or does it have to be the polite ones?
  • I've played through twice trying all the good comments then all the bad, is there a specific thing to say?
  • @5 No, the achievement is glitched.
  • I spoke politely and didn't get anything. Found a video on YouTube that explains it. I was able to load a save up right before the Offered and Lost quest, and it popped very easily. Quite helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUZnUJSJpGE Basically, earning Arishok respect is not marked as a quest. After the Black Powder Courtesy / Prime Suspect, when the delegate goes missing, go tell the Arishok. During the Offered and Lost quest, side with the Qunari against Ser Vernell. Then go to the Arishok and tell him that the bodies were desecrated.
  • How to get this achievement: Be honest with the Arishok. Do not lie. Do not attempt to hide any information. follow what he says. At the very end of Act 2, SPOILER, before the Arishok attacks the guards, you, and Aveline, he will ask you your opinion on him converting the elves to the Qun. Agree with him. It should unlock at the end before the guards start getting killed.
  • Yeah this is a tricky one...NOT glitched. Simply giving nothing but good answers isn't going to cut it...also it's not really a spoiler that you fight him, the trailers pretty much give that away.
  • not very hard i just did a bunch of quests dealing with them and i got his respect i didnt even get isabella in the first act
  • if your haveing trouble with this 1 have fenris in your party nd ask his advice when ever you can
  • the easiest way to get this achievement is during blackpowder courtesy - say the options with the leaf next to it. after the prior listed quest you will have to go see the viscount, he will tell that some kanari delegates were taken. before talking to his lackey, go back to the arishok and tell him his people are missing. this will net you a lot of respect. during the quest with varnell and the petrice, side with the kanari and kill varnell. afterward tell the viscount to tell the truth and then go to the arishok in person and tell him that the bodies were mutilated by fanatics. -after this you should get the achivement:D
  • One thing I need to know, I had Fenris with me during the Blackpowder Promise quest, and he actually knew the Qun - which prompted a hilarious jaw-drop look on the Arishok's face and a comment of "The Qun from an elf? The madness of this place..." - you then get the option to ask Fenris for advice in the matter, and Fenris asks the Arishok about the promise, then offers to kill Javaris (much to his surprise) and the Arishok says "He is not worthy of dying to you, or dying to me, for that matter. -looks at Hawke- You keep good company." Does this affect the achievement at all? For those confused: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aQc8kagfVw - skip to 6:45
  • I didnt get this on my first playthrough. On my second try though I got it. All I did differently was I went to tell the Arishok when the delegate went missing.
  • Achievement glitched for me :/
  • Pretty much look at #7 it works. Only thing I can add is make sure to also do the Lost Patrol quest, which you get out front of the Qunari Compound when first starting Blackpowder Courtesy. The Qunari will ask if you killed their patrol. Answer politely then go to the wounded coast and take lower path to find them. Not sure if this makes a difference but it doesn't hurt.
  • it seems there are several dialog points, but you dont have to do them all to get this, just have to get enough "brownie points" for me, i did all the leaf dialog for blackpowder courtesy i did NOT tell him of the missing delegates i took the sarcastic option in offered and lost (told varnell to kill the qunari, but then had to fight varnell anyway) i told the viscount not to burn the bodies, and told the arishok that they were murdered by the fanatics i got the achievement when i told him isabella stole the relic never even got to the fugitive discussion so it looks like theres 5 points, and you need to score 3 of them maybe?
  • You don't have to use the diplomatic (leaf options) to get his respect, I did it with a full on full sarcastic/charming Hawke. You just have to pick the right dialogue options when dealing with him (and at the right time too), and when dealing with things involving his people. He appreciates/respects honesty, like others have said. I used his Wiki page on the DA Wikia to help me get it, and it felt/feels GLORIOUS. Here: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Arishok Act 1 Selecting "I was promised future profits" at the first meeting with the Arishok, after he tells Javaris to leave. Informing him of the deaths of his Qunari after the main quest Shepherding Wolves. Act 2 During the main quest Offered and Lost, before attending Ser Varnell's rally near Darktown, inform
  • My comment got cut in like....half...just....follow the link. If you do all the right options you can get it just after you finish "Offered and Lost."
  • I've done the Offered and Lost mission by choosing to not hide bodies but my next mission (being Demands of the Qun) is coming up different and not saying what the video is saying. Not sure if I've chosen the wrong missions/dialogues in the past missions, I have no idea but it's p***ing me off! >:(

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