Great Minds Think Alike Achievement

  • Great Minds Think Alike



    Earned the friendship or rivalry of four party members.

    In order to get both the Rival and Friend achievements, make one companion a rival or friend, and then make four others the opposite. This achievement requires you to earn four friendships or 4 rivalries with your party members. Bethany or Carver count toward this achievement, even after they have left your party for good.

    Note #1: In order for a companion to count toward this achievement, you must reach 100% on the rivalry or friendship bar. Simply unlocking the companion's special friendship/rivalry ability is not enough.

    Note #2: You can’t mix and match friendships and rivalries. You must have four of one or the other. General tips can be found below:

    • Companion Quests: Doing companion quests will be the majority of what factors in to your relationship with your companions.

    • Conversation: Take in to consideration their personalities when you speak with them. How you speak about party members not currently in your party still effects how they think of you.

    • Actions: When taking your party members on missions with you, you must consider how they will react to the decisions you make.

  • There are companion quests in each "act" just tell them what they want or don't want to hear.
  • Yea I got this one on accident within the first hour of game play haha
  • #2 I think you're embellishing your ability to get to Act II in under an hour. Such a feat is not possible.
  • @ Lithium Wisdom - Agreed!
  • @2 Are you thinking of the acheivement "Friend"? I got that one quickly as well. But this one involves getting 4 friendships/rivalries.
  • friendship/rivialry = maxed out bar, not just the perk - confirmed
  • Need maxed bar, and still seems bugged. I had two at max friend, and two at max rival for quite a long time, never got the achievement.
  • Since it's talking about the minds being alike, does it have to be all one or the other? Like having 4 friends or 4 rivals, not a mix?
  • You either need to have 4 maxed in friendship or 4 maxed in rivalry. You cannot have a 2/2 split.
  • Companion Items also help with this, usually giving +10-15 friendly. So far (still doing Act 2, my 2nd playthrough), I've found these: Family History – in the smallest room in the Amell Family Cellar – if you’re a Mage, it will be Tobrius’ documents – if you’re a Warrior/Rogue, it will be a picture of Mother (Carver/Bethany) Starkhaven Bow – found on a Flint Company Mercenary in the Harimann’s estate in Hightown, Act 2 (requires DLC) (Sebastian) Signet Ring – Lowtown, Act 2, from the Trinkets Emporium (Varric) Wooden Halla – Sundermount, Act 2, from Master Ilen’s Shop in the Dalish Camp (Merrill) Ship in a Bottle – found in the Smuggler’s Cut in Darktown during “Blackpowder Courtesy”, it’s in a chest just before the quest arrow, Act 2 (Isabela) A Slave’s Life – Lowtown (Night), in
  • A Slave’s Life – Lowtown (Night), in a sack in the Elven Alienage, on the left as you enter, Act 2 (Fenris)* last bit didn't show up for some reason. odd.
  • @9 I just got it with 3 friendships and 1 rivalry..
  • Does anyone know if your sister counts for this when she returns?
  • Who is the best party for this one? I can't seem to get this.. Seems like I have a good party, but some decisions I make always makes one happy and the other one mad...
  • Im with #14 Whatever i say/do i always make one happy and someone else mad! .. I cant win! just started my second playthrough now
  • does this require you to max out the rival, friend things?
  • I have one question and I did beat this game last night and I never got Esabella and in fact I completely missed her so wjere can I find her and I did read some where here on this site that I could find her in the hanged man tavern but when I went their she was not their, so where can I find her.
  • forget my last comment I found her in my second play through, I think this one going to be tough cause I have Ander's, Varric, Sebastian and I think Isabella all at friend and why I say it's going to be tough is because I'm thinking of killing Ander's so I make can get Sebastian Achievment as well and I hope when I get Bethany back in my party I hope it count's towards the Achievment.
  • Does anyone know if this is in just 1 playthrough or multiple???
  • i just got it for following the story line. omg best day ever
  • it can be a mix. i have Anders and Isabela friendship, and Aveline and Fenril rivalvy.
  • Does anyone know if Bethany counts? I have Anders, Varric, and Fenris all maxed out, and I got the Friend Achievement with Bethany, so I thought she would count, but maybe not because she's not an active party member at the moment?
  • do you have to have 4 complete allies or 4 complete enemies? or do you just have to make 4 feel strongly about you either way? because getting 4 people to hate you is hard.. same with allies.
  • Scratch that, I see the above answers now :) was just blind earlier for a while I guess haha. Got 3 friends and 2 rivals. Still no achievement?.. P.O.S.
  • ok now I'm really starting to think that all 4 either have to be 100% rivals or friends. I honestly don't think you can have 2 friends and 2 rivals.. I have 3 friends and 2 rivals. Haven't gotten it
  • yea they have to be all the same.. Sorry for the spam just wanna keep anyone still playing this updated haha. Idk what every who says you can have 2 of each or whatever, but there's a reason the ach. is called Great Minds Think ALIKE. Because they have to be the same. 4 friends, or 4 rivals. man it's a pain in the arse. I got varric, isabela, anders, and aveline... took a lot of googling to see who would be happy with what and a lot of party switching but I got it. Man this game has some of the hardest achievements I've ever seen.

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