Rival Achievement

  • Rival



    Earned the rivalry of one of your party members.

    See "Great Minds Think Alike".

  • Anders thinks that mages should be able to live freely, away from the circle, the oppression of templars, and the fear of becoming tranquil. If you keep him in your party all the time be as brutal as you can to every mage you come across. Or you can just take him with you when you do a quest involving a mage. Either way, just remember to always choose the option that effects every mage involved in the most negative way possible and it should be pretty easy making him a rival. Achievement unlocked! You can also do the opposite to make him your friend. With my female mage I kept him in my party for the first act and I helped every mage I came across preferably without hurting anyone else in the process. He became my friend very quickly and by the time I got back from the deep roads at th
  • the beginning of the second act it was already set up to flirt with him. Another achievement unlocked! Unfortunately, he moved in with me and he got upset with I suggested a threesome with him and Justice. What, a prude!
  • can a rival be a love interest?
  • Yes a rival can be a love interest.
  • Im rivals with merril....at least so it says under the dalish pariah ability tree.....but no achievement....ideas?
  • same here it says im rivals with fenris yet the achievement hasnt poped?
  • It has to COMPLETELY go to the word Rivalry on the alignment meter. Best person to get this with is Carver actually, he already is somewhat your rival at the very beginning of the game. Just be a dick to him as much as possible and you should get this before you even get anywhere near going into the deep roads.
  • Not sure if you have to do a certain number of the companion quests for said rival. If you have the arrow all the way to the end of the rival side and still no achievement then start doing the companion quests. If that doesn't work try progressing the story so that more companion quests will be unlocked. Eventually it will pop. just keep being cruel to said rival until the you get the achievement.
  • hey guys kind of think this may be a silly question but how do you get carver? he always dies on me.
  • @9 you have to start a mage for him to live, when you start a mage, bethany dies :)
  • I'm working on getting Fenris as my rival. It works outs because I'm romancing Merrill, befriending Anders, and siding with the mages. He hates mages.
  • Even though most of Hawk's team is crazy, I luv them all :) Except for Carver, that's why this achievement was easy lol he's such a brat. When u begin the game he's already close to rival, u don't have to do much to get the achievement. If ur a mage, u can easily get this achievement: Carver has views much like Fenris and Aveline: anything having to do with helping mages or helping crime lords u will receive rivalry points. Helping Anders in "Tranquility", helping mages in "Enemies Among Us" and "Wayward Son". Also, take him to the gallows to talk to Knight Commander Cullen after "Enemies Among us" and tell the Order needs to change. Also, do not complete his companion mission after searching the family mansion. You will have a chance to do a mission for the smuggler or mercenary that
  • i guess ill have to do Carver as its hard as hell to get everyone else to hate you no matter how much of a douche you act like. ive done several things to piss Sebastian off but hes still only around the middle of the meter.
  • Which companion is the easiest to turn into a rival? I'm trying to get this achievement early in the game so I dont have to worry about it when I'm further into the other acts.
  • so i just got it right before starting Dark Roads. easiest with Carver i think. in Act 1, have him with you the whole time and side with mages every chance you get, also any time in a conversation you have a chance to say something mean to him or piss him off do it. do every quest you can find to help increase chances of getting options that will piss him off. his bar should be an inch or so away from full rival, then when you select party members to take on the Deep Roads (when you tell Bartrand you are ready), DO NOT choose Carver for the party. if his rivalry was really close, that choice should make him rage quit and you should get thie achievement.
  • I have Fenris and Merrill as my rival. Still no Achive
  • I'm having a hard time doing this. Not because I don't know what I'm doing, but because I'm having such a hard time being a total ass to one of my party members. Anders is the hardest to make mad, and then Aveline just irritates me if you get her even slightly pissed. Merrill is way to cute and I could go on and on. I may have to do the Carver trick; never really liked him anyway...
  • It's possible to get this via a "less than 20 min" new playthrough as a mage; skipping all the dialogues and cutscenes. Get Carver to be your rival by: 1. Meeting Aveline (automatic +5) 2. Get Carver's gift from the Birthright mission, give it to him with aggressive dialogue choices (+15) 3. Loose ends (Arenthil's mission a year later) (+10 for accepting) 4. Tranquility: fighting the Fereldans outside Lirene's Imports and telling Anders you want to help mages (+10 total, no need to finish quest) 5. Accept the quest Bait and Switch from Anso (+5) 6. Start Long Way Home and tell Merrill her blood magic helped with ridding the barrier. Achievement popped for me after (6).
  • For (6), I forgot to mention but it's +5 rivalry.
  • I really need to stop feeling guilty for a bunch of pixels. I'm struggling way too much with this achievement...
  • #19&20 AsianLance1990's solution above worked perfectly! Thanks
  • If you take Merrill with you while doing the Forbidden Knowledge quest in Act II, you should get +10 every time you destroy an "Evil Tome." I think there are 4 in this quest so it should make it easy.

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