Romantic Achievement

  • Romantic



    Completed a romance with one of your party members.

    General Process: While this process doesn't hold true for all companions, it is the basic outline for most of them. Achieve 50% friendship or rivalry, flirt with your companion before doing their mid-stage companion quest, visit your estate at night, flirt with them again and invite them to move in. Reach 100% rivalry or friendship.

    Final step: Visit them in the Gallows Prison in Act III.

    General Tips:

    • ALL companions will romance with male or female Hawke, except Sebastian. Also unable to romance Varric as either male or female Hawke.

    • Visit your estate at night to increase your chances of flirting with them.

    • Inquire about living together when given the option to do so.

    • Romance one party member at a time to increase your chances of success.

    • Romances can only be had at maximum rivalry or friendship after doing the respective 100% companion quest.

    • Give them their specific gifts & and get their armor upgrades to aid in this.

  • Hmmkay, well since love ain't working for me in real life, i'll try it in Dragon Age II. lmao
  • Guessing there will be a lot of people to woe in this. why only 1 cheevo.
  • Don't become distressed if you dont have this one by climax of the story. Cuz it's not about sex it's about the L word.
  • lesbian?
  • lesbians?
  • face palm...
  • How do you get this achievement? i already went far... and deep but still no achivement
  • yeah, just banged isaballer but i still didnt get it :(
  • I just bedded Merrill and got the Flirtatious. Perhaps you have to advance it further at a later point in the game to 'complete' the romance?
  • I got this achievement by saying i love you to Merrill before the final battle. Banging Banged her earlier which gives flirtatious attachment that leads to this achievement.
  • Had sex twice with Anders, (as a male hero) said love, had him move in with me. and did not receive the achievement. Does killing him make the achievement not happen?
  • i did the exact same thing with anders and then later killed him, did not get the achievement. guess i will have to try another way on my next play through. was also a male hero...oh the things we try for the points :(
  • SPOILER.... this achievement (at least for me) came midway during the "Last Straw" quest, just before the final battle. Your entire party will be standing around a courtyard and you talk to your love interest here, let them know how you feel and bink.. achievement unlocked. If you've already killed your love interest @11 & 12, you can't get the achievement here
  • Lol whats wrong with same
  • im whit merril:P
  • Ferris
  • I did Isabela then I did anders and still did not get it. Wierd.
  • Just think about all the STDs Isabela has. Eww.
  • Ok I romanced both Isabella and Anders (in the same play through even!) and still didn't get this achievement .... What's up with this?
  • you need to only love one dont cheat! i got it with Anders on a male char and i coudent get any other party member in bed so i got this achiv
  • Any of you tried it with seem's impossible
  • @comment 21. lol yeah I just finished my first playthrough and was on Isabella hard (even restarted about an hour of gameplay when she runs off the first time because I thought she wouldn't come back) I talked to her before the final battle and gave her the nice reaction over the harsh one. still didn't get it. Guess I'll try again
  • SPOILER*** i chose to side with the mages and now im pissed because I cant go ANYWHERE except for empirium. WTF thats it???
  • it only works on a few ppl and to get the achievement you have to have them move in with u and a high friendship and tell them how u feel when every1 lines up before the final battle with meredith or orsino
  • I have Anders living with me and still no achievement >.> This one is broken ...
  • Pissed my off that EVERYONE in this game is bisexual..I mean really Anders??
  • Sadly, the "large diversion" that you come across later in the gane doesnt count for his either.
  • I hear that Merill is the easiest one to have romance explosion with.
  • LOL at all these comments. i wanted ferris, but got stuck with anders. dont get me wrong, hes a cutie, but those scars on ferris do something for me haha. plus, he doesnt take any crap. just the way i like it haha.
  • I like how almost all Hawk's companions are bi :) I'm a straight female but I like playing as a male so I romance other males, I've been with both Anders and Fenris. Anders is a sweetheart but Fenris is a beast, I must say I like him better, he's a small man with a big attitude lmao it's weird thou as much as he hates mages, he loved my male mage like anyone else
  • Anders gets around and a gold digger I think. After tricking me into bed and then moved in. Wait until I tell him I'm heterosexual........ Awkward
  • i don't get this achievement.
  • I went through the hole game got lucky a few times and still never got it.
  • Same here, I romance with Andrers (helping mages) and nothing
  • OK, who are all of the ones you can get this with? I tried to say the
  • Did it with Isabela, no problem.
  • Does anyone know when this achievement pops for a romance with Anders? He's moved in with me, he's still in the party, still alive, and I'm well into Act 3. Still no achievement.
  • So, just FYI, the achievement didn't pop with Anders until halfway through the final quest, "The Last Straw". You can't kill him, and you have to talk to him at the point where... well, everyone's standing around and you can talk to him :)
  • Yes all of the Romance options complete just before the final battle. It was misleading since Romance in Origins just meant getting into their tent. I loved having all of the romance characters be bi, so it didn't matter which gender I made my character.
  • Can you not get the Romantic achievement with Merrill if you're a female Hawke?? I did all her sidequest, she's been living with me since act 2, all the armor upgrades, everything. For some reason though I can't get her, or Isabella. Heck, I even courted Anders and he's not working either. WTF!
  • All you need to do is flirt with 1 person while doing all their companion quests!!Isabella turns up at your house and you nail her,but don't seem 2 get anywhere till later!!with Isabella make sure you don't hand her over with them horned blokes (Qun or something) or she is gone for good!!in the finally quest after a cut scene just make sure you talk to your love interest ( mine Isabella) then whammy all yours!!
  • if you vist the person often and do all good coversations and do there quests and get them all the gifts they need. isabella only needs 2. you should get it during the last straw when your whole groups standing togther and you can talk to them all.
  • Mine unlocked when I talked to Merrill right before the last fight

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