Arcane Defender Achievement

  • Arcane Defender



    Sided with the mages five times.

    See "Mage Hunter".

  • Wait what? Do you have to play the game 5 times for this cheevo? If so that's fine by me, its just that seems a little silly.
  • none ingame there will be situations where you must choose to side with mages or templars (as we know they despise each other) choose to side with one on a playthrough then the other on a 2nd run through.
  • At the most you need 3 plays of the game and only two of them completing the story.
  • Then again .... these might be stored within your DA or Bioware profile .... I am hoping at least
  • Incorrect #4. I'm only going to say they are story plot related and unlock based off choices.
  • I've run into I think 3 so far and I've only been playing for a few hours
  • There are apostates freakin' everywhere! They just don't make templars like they used to. Before you even go into the deep roads, you should run across about three apostate/templar choices.
  • i sided with mages like every time first playthrough and never got this
  • SPOILERS****I got this achievement when I was heading to the Viscount Mansion during the Qunari Uprising.
  • Farly easy achievement but for this and Templar one gotta play game twice to get both. Just side when mages whenever you feel like your taking a side.
  • I really hate when an achievement forces me to choose one path or the other, but it seems like there are so many times to choose you might be able to get this and mage hunter in one play-through. I obviously cannot confirm this yet.
  • SEMI SPOILER ALL MAIN QUESTS ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ ACT I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wayward Son: Send Feynriel to the Dalish Act of Mercy: Let the mages go free Enemies Among Us: Spare Keran and call on Bethany or Anders to help the conversation with Idunna. ACT II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Night Terrors: Feynriel has to get threw the Fade unscathed/NOT Possessed/NOT made Tranquil ACT III ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Showdown: Side with Orsino On the Loose: Let Emile go free
  • You Can not get Secret Achievement "Arcane Defender" and "Mage Hunter" during the same play threw. PEACE LOVERS: Side with Mages (Refer to Post #12) DIE MAGES DIE: Side with Templar's Way of Thinking (Refer to Post #12)
  • ok funny thing can i get the templar achievement with a mage.
  • Actually Baujin, thats not true. There are actually 7 instances where you can side with Mages/Templars. There is one more in Act3 called "Best served cold". To get both in one playthrough in ActI side with one faction twice the other once. In Act2 save right before you do "Night terrors". Then continue with mission and the game siding with the group that you sided with twice in act1. Once you've sided with one group 5 times (should get it at "Showdown with Orsino") and you get the achievement, simply reload to your save right before "night terrors" and then side with the opposite faction. If you manage your saves right you can every achievement (except epic) in one playthrough. =)
  • this is weird:/ i got it just by killing some tempars during the quest "best served cold" and got it. its probaly some weird thing..
  • I mistakenly gave some mis-info in post #15. You will have to do two of the mage/templar quests to get the achievement if you sided with one faction twice in actI. I originally said that the "cheevo" would unlock at Showdown w/ Orsini. This would only b the case if you sided w/ one faction every time. Sorry guys.
  • wouldnt you be able to get this achievement if you save before each mission #12 wrote down? then go back and do the oposite options for the other achievement like this one?
  • that wouldn't work. you have to side with one group 5 times in the same playthrough. okay, so you get past the first one and save. Okay now you do the second one and save. say you're siding with the mages. So now you play out the game saving after each mage/templar choice. You get the mage cheevo. You go backe to your first save and change from mage to templar. okay no problem. BUT, when you go to the second save and change your decision to templar, (according to that save your first decision was mage) you will have one mage and one templar. Then on your third save its the same thing. If you change to templar you will have one templar and 2 mage( according to that save you sided with mages twice. Do you understand?
  • Just thought a reference to this forum post would be rather helpful here...
  • Sided with the mages all the way through my first playthrough, got the achievement and still killed anders, oh the irony of it
  • it should probably be mentioned that doing it the way #15 described, you will get your achievement for the second one you choose at the end of the quest Best Served Cold. For example, if you did Arcane Defender first and restart at Night Terrors to get Mage Hunter, when you talk to Cullen and say to give Samson a second chance, you won't get the achievement at the end of the conversation, you'll get it when you go and report back to Orsino or Meridith, whoever gave you the quest. I was freaking out at first that i did something wrong before Night Terrors and would have to go back, but I went ahead and finished the quest and i got it :) three more to get all achievements ^_^ just Rival, Epic, and Crowning Glory
  • @22 - Mee too! I was really pissed when I selected "kill them all" at the end of Best Served Cold when my Arcane Defender didn't pop. However, I can verify it for people trying to get it that it doesn't pop until after you speak to Orsino in the Gallows and complete the mission. Big relief.
  • It's not necessary but I too can confirm that saving before the last mission of ACT II with a 2:2 mage/templar ratio works for getting both achievements in the same playthrough. It doesn't take long to backtrack and re-do the first two main quests in ACT III siding with the "other" side; especially if a certain character comes back and you turn her in thus avoiding a pretty big fight.
  • Thank you so much comment 22!! You saved me soooo much stress :)
  • secound play through... i didnt get either some how...
  • I think I did exactly what you were suppose to, to get both achievements in one play through, & I didn't get either of them. Wayward son: Templar, Act of Mercy: Mage, Enemy among us: Templar, Night Terrors: Mage, then the last 3 quests as all of one & then all of the other, & still no achievements. Anybody know why?

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