Mage Hunter Achievement

  • Mage Hunter



    Sided with the templars five times.

    There are seven quests throughout the course of the game that let you side with either the mages or the templars. You will need to choose a faction and pick to side with them in 5 of these 7 quests. These 2 achievements can be done in the same playthrough if you properly utilize your saves.

    * - Indicates secondary quest

    ACT I: Side with one faction twice and the other faction once (ex. Mage - 2, Templars - 1)

    1. Wayward Son: Mage - Send Feynriel to the Dalish. [OR] Templar - Send Feynriel to the Circle.

    2. Act of Mercy: Mage - When speaking with Grace, agree to kill Thrask. [OR] Templar - Refuse to help Grace.

    3. Enemies Among Us: Mage - Let Keran stay in the Templars. [OR] Templar - Get Keran expelled from the Templars.

    ACT II: Side with the faction that you only sided with once in the Act I quests. You should now have sided with each faction twice. NOTE: Do the "Night Terrors" quest right before you do the "Demands of the Qun" quest and IMPORTANT: Make sure you save after completing it.

    1. * Night Terrors: Mage - Encourage Feynriel to control his abilities. [OR] Templar - Turn Feynriel Tranquil.

    ACT III: Side with the same faction for all three quests. This should unlock the achievement for one side. Then simply reload your save game after the Night Terrors quest and do the same for the other faction to get both of these achievements in one playthrough.

    1. Showdown: Not exactly a quest, but during the opening cutscenese of Act III, after finishing defeating the Arishok for Demands of the Qun, select the following dialog options: Mage - "Orsino is right". [OR] Templar - "Meredith is right".

    2. On the Loose: When speaking to Emile in the Hanged Man Inn: Mage - "I could let you go". [OR] Templar - "Turn yourself in".

    3. Best Served Cold: Mage - Select "Kill them all" when speaking with Cullen. [OR] Templar - Select "Give Samson another chance".

  • SEMI SPOILERS ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ ACT I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wayward Son: Send Feynriel to the Circle Act of Mercy: Send mages to the Circle Enemies Among Us: Condemn Keran ACT II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Night Terrors: Feynriel is made Tranquil ACT III ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Showdown: Side with Meredith On the Loose: Send Emile back to the Circle
  • Not the only way to get it, you can actually get BOTH the Mage and Templar achievement in a single playthrough.
  • How can it be done in one playthrough?
  • Hey williechuck or anyone else interested in getting both of these achievements, go to the Arcane Defender achievement posts and look at comment#15. I laid out how you can both in one playthrough.
  • Wow, am doing this on my second playthrough with an asshole rogue going for rivalry points ... I feel so dirty.
  • @5 Same here, i'm on my second playthrough with a rogue and he's an asshole. I'm trying to get rivalry and side with the templars. I feel like an ass.
  • rogues are the best im an asshole warrior for this achievement. its my last one not including dlc, which i only have one left for also {friend or rival with sebastian)
  • Just thought a reference to this forum post would be rather helpful here...
  • Thanks for this. I'm on my 3rd playthrough and I know this is going to be the worst.
  • For the Act of Mercy, there are three possible choices, it's not just "this" or "that", kill Trask is the obvious one, but what about the other two, you can refuse to kill Trask but deceive the templars, you can refuse to kill Trask and give up the mages, so the guide needs to be clearer about that
  • In reference to #10, if anyone cares, you have to give up the mages for the templar option - just refusing to kill Thrask is not enough.
  • Just a heads up to anyone looking to get this achievement: do not choose "neither of you are right" during the showdown at the beginning of act 3, or else you will get really fucked over.
  • when im sided with templar i feel like asshole -_-
  • are you kidding me? I just finished my 2nd playthrough (granted, not doing many sidequests but still) and sided with the templars every last chance I had, yet I still didn't get this!
  • same here. i sided with them on last 5 listed items in guide and nothing.
  • for me it pop up when talking to meredth and orsino in the beginning of act 3.
  • One I have not seen mentioned is at the very end of actII right before you go into the keep Meredith and Orsino get into it about who will lead the attack on the Qunari. Just make sure to say Meredith will lead and not yourself(or Orsino obviously). This will lead into another choice of Meredith over Orsino.This combined with Post #1 and you should be good.
  • I've got a question... in the guide - Act I - third listed above... why would keeping Keran in the Templars be a mage decision and expelling him be a Templar decision? A little confused I guess.
  • To #18, its cuz the templar believed keran was possibly posessed so to kill/expel him would be Templarish cuz they dont wanna take any chances with anyone getting possessed.
  • this just pissed me off. I just finished my second play through and didnt read the achievement correctly. For some reason I thought it was to side with meredith 5 times so i just screwed that play thru up... oh well looks like now ill be a warrior
  • For act 1 missions does it have to be 2 of one and 1 of the other or can it be all three with one side?
  • damn this is going to be tricky im on my 2nd play through 1st was rouge 2nd is warrior but i neva liked the templars i cant do this achivement if im a mage can i?? i have just about completed my second playthrough i have 8 achivements to go then i have them all including dlc
  • What if I killed Feynriel? Does this void the achievement?
  • Mage - When speaking with Grace, agree to kill Thrask Okay I took that advice from the achievement guide. When I went outside the cave Grace ended up leaving but I did not kill Thrask I killed some other Templars. I know this game is a year old but can anyone tell me if I did indeed side with the mages. This is pretty unclear. I am assuming since Grace left on her own I technically sided with the mages.
  • Apparently I'm not much of a Templar fan. This is my final achievement to gain. Heh.
  • is it always one side or the other? I feel like I didn't do either on the Wayward Son or Act of Mercy. Wayward I told him to do whatever he wanted and Act of Mercy I had Varric fool the Templars.
  • These achievements are ridiculous. They need to specify more on the options of choosing to side with either mages/templars. Like "Act of Mercy", to choose the side of the templars, you need to not just refuse Grace but give up the mages too. Wish I had known that sooner rather than later. Thanks guide!
  • For what it's worth, my Mage Hunter achievement didn't pop when I spoke to Cullen in Best Served Cold. I had to go complete the quest with Meredith and then it popped. I thought I had chosen poorly on one of the quests earlier, and I almost rage quit, but decided to see the quest through and it paid off. :-)
  • This achievement is BS. I kept Keran in the Templars, tranquilized Feynriel, sided with Meredith, sent Emile to the Circle and gave Samson a second chance. Eff this game.
  • @28: I was about to do the same thing until i read your comment. Thanks for the info! If you follow the strategy to get both on a sigle playtrough the achievement won't pop until you speak to Meredith to end the quest "Best Served Cold". Just to be on the safe side i agreed with Samson that the mages need to be dealt with, and when Samson returns with Cullen and the Templar reinforcements i chose: "He's one of Grace's" followed with "Give Samson another chance", after talking to Meredith the quest is considered finished and the achievement pops.
  • Siding with the sloth demon in Act 2 does not count as aiding either Templars or Mages. Unfortunately I made a deal with the demon and had to load an earlier save and beat the whole game again to get the Mage Hunter achievement.

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