Champion of Kirkwall Achievement

  • Champion of Kirkwall



    Completed Dragon Age II.

    Story related and cannot be missed. It will unlock after completing the main storyline. The outcome of the story does not effect this achievement.

  • When you complete a game you usually get 50+ gs?! 20 sounds kinda lame. The game rocks though
  • ok i finished the game the other night and i went back to Hawke's estate and looked in my storage and none of my stuff was there, and i had a few really good things in there.. has this problem happened with anyone else?
  • No i didnt have that problem sorry to say
  • Am struggling with the final fight, can do the mage but when i have to fight the templar woman i get slaughtered. the save point i have stops me from filling my stock with health portions and the likes and my team dies really quick leaving me on my tod lol. and thats on casual lol
  • Yay I got this one so I can trade this game in now!

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