Mercenary Achievement

  • Mercenary



    Allied yourself with the mercenaries upon arriving in Kirkwall.

    See "Nefarious".

  • during one of the develper interviews it showed a loading screen saying how "hawke was repaying his debt to the mercenaries" or something like that so im guessing were supposed to choose the mercenaries or its more benefeical or something if the developers chose it
  • you can choose either the mercenaies or the smugglers when you arrive at kirkwall. you can't do both of them so it's wise to save after you talk to your uncle so you can do both quests (both very easy) and nab both of the 10 point achievements.
  • Or play the game twice because of the other 2 faction during the storyline you have to choose between.
  • Choosing a side changes who you knew and/or worked with during that year of servitude. Just save before choosing and you can get both achievements in one go, pick a side to play the game from, beat the game, then go back and take the other background if you want.

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