Flirtatious Achievement

  • Flirtatious



    Flirted with one of your party members to begin a romance.

    This achievement isn't possible to obtain until after you do your companions first major companion quest in Act II. Whenever you are given the "Heart" dialog option, make sure to select it. Do the party members companion quest, travel to your estate at night with them in your party, and then flirt with them and you should get this easily. See "Romantic" for more information.

  • how is this achieved?
  • i have no idea. i have had sex with my companions but nothing, anyone got this achivment yet?
  • it's simple, as soon as you return from the deep road, go visit Isabela or whatever her name is. the female rogue you find in the hanged man. talk to her, then choose the one that offers her a kiss. this is how i've got it and a couple of my other friends too.
  • @Wookum - That is how I got it to. Only did her Act 1 Quest, haven't done any others.

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