Knowledgeable Achievement

  • Knowledgeable



    Unlocked 100 codex entries.


    This is easily obtainable on your first playthrough during Act I. Codex entries will be discovered by looting corpses, thoroughly searching your surroundings (crates, bookshelves and lying about) and through conversation with other characters.

  • reminds me of Mass Effect :p
  • And just like in Mass Effect, you get a new codex when you fight a new enemy type or talk to a new character for the first time.
  • Or read a book, you get a codec for doing about anything in DA:O.
  • Still can't get this achievement is there any easy solution other than search everywhere?
  • This must be glitched because I'm nearly done with my second playthrough with 100+ codex entries on each. No achievement. Bah!
  • It just popped for me right at 100 - granted this is a year after the last post with issues :-p

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