Treasure Hunter Achievement

  • Treasure Hunter



    Opened 50 chests.


    This is another easily obtainable achievement that you should have no trouble getting. Rubble piles, containers and chests found throughout the game world contribute to this. The chests dropped from your slain enemies also counts toward this. It helps to always have a rogue in your party so that you can pick all the locked chests you come across, but it definitely isn't necessary.

  • Fable-ish anyone?
  • just a smidgeon lol
  • Seems like this might be bugged on release. The achievement popped upon looting a corpse, and after only having looted about 3 or 4 chests total. Apparently, any container is considered a chest for this achievement right now.
  • I can confirm that it seems to count any container, I had opened around 10 chests when I got it...
  • same here.
  • Anything you loot counts. Verified.
  • it includes bodies aswell by the look of things

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