Darkness Falls Achievement

  • Darkness Falls



    Toggled the map from day to night.

    On the world map, simply hit the  once to toggle the map from day to night.

  • more like "playing god"
  • More like selecting when you want to show up at a location.
  • Just Press RT to make the map change to night. Really easy. If you haven't done this within 20 mins of starting your quests, you are doing a bad job at playing the game.
  • Most simple thing in this game..
  • I can't imagine why you'd post a tutorial, Kamiko. You should probably tell them how to turn on the xbox at that point.
  • @5 yah seriously XD has to be one of the easiest achievements ever. One button. You know, that trigger lookin button on the right upper part of the remote.
  • This achievement...missable
  • lmao jk!!! xD If you miss this you = noob
  • this is the easiest achievement on this game by far, as long as your triggers work on your controller

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