Gift Giver Achievement

  • Gift Giver



    Gave a gift to one of your party members.

    Simply give a gift to one of your party members. The easiest and earliest way to accomplish this is during the "Birthright" companion quest that you are able to do with either Bethany or Carver. In order to start this quest, you must speak to your mother and then surviving sibling in Gamlen's Home after the "A New Home" quest. After entering the Vault, search all of the chests and you will find Tobrius's Documents (Carver) or a Portrait of Your Mother (Bethany), which can be given to them when you return to Gamlen's Home.

  • I know exactly who i'm giving my first gift to. that chick in the demo towards the end with the huge tits!
  • isabella
  • @1, LMAO!!!!
  • Got this after raiding the family mansion. Pick up the portrait of your mother and when your talking to Bethany in your prattish uncle's house you will automatically give this to her.
  • The portrait can be found when your looking for your grandfather's will in the vault.
  • yeah i got stuck giving something to my douche bag brother. Some notes or something from our father i found after raiding the vault. Bethany died in my playthrough during our trip to Kirkwall, probably because i am playing as a mage like she was
  • @6 its cause your character is/was female
  • @7, no. Like he said, it's because his character is a mage. I played as a female rogue, and Carver died. Now I'm playing as a female mage, and Bethany died.
  • as far as I know, you can only get this during the Birthright quest and the Vael family murder DLC

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