Avenged Achievement

  • Avenged



    Confront the culprit behind the Vael family's murder.

    You must complete Sebastian's first companion quest to gain access to his second companion quest, "Repentance". It will be available from the start of Act II. Handing this quest in will net you this achievement.

    Note: Sebastian's gift for "Memento" can be found during this quest in the Harimann Estate and a glitch to gain 100% rivalry quickly for "Loyalty of the Prince" can be done at the end of the quest. See the specific achievements for details.

  • Ive done all Sebastians acheivments and they are all glitched
  • I have also completed all the missions in its entirety and have not unlocked this achievement.
  • Is this still glitched?
  • It is still glitched as I've just re-done the Sebastian missions and failed to get any form of achievement.
  • does n e one not understand the fact that the achievment patches are not actually up yet??? bioware has them on their end, microsoft doesn't, u gotta give it i think its like two weeks and that was what? week ago? so another 5 to 7 days i figure
  • Finally fixed. Delete and redownload The Exiled Prince for it to work.
  • Sorry, but I deleted and re-downloaded The Exile Prince... still nothing. Any other ideas?
  • u have to playthrough again to get the achievements, they don't just pop up after u re-install.
  • Do you have to delete and re-download the dlc (I got this with the Signature Edition) or can you just playthrough the game again without doing that I have them pop?
  • @tai0316 You have to delete the DLC from your harddrive, download from Live, then play it again. I have to play a third time, just for this achievement.
  • Same thing happen to me with Shale's achievements from Origins. Redownloaded etc and still nothing, how irritating.
  • I just got the friendship one. I imagine that in the games current state you don't need to delete but you DO need to restart.
  • after doing the repentance quest, sebastian is still locked in my party. any idea on how to get him out of my party? annoying.
  • this was so easy
  • This is hopeless and may reconsider future purchases Posted: 2012-04-16 - 0 comment(s) - 0 trackback(s) Category: bugs Okay. This is what I've done w/ DA2 on my Reach xbox 360 S. 1. I had all the achievements for Exciled Prince DA2 DLC cept' for the bow. 2. New updates took them from me saying I never had them. 3. I cleared the cache to my 360 4. I delete the DLC, even the Black Emporium and uninstalled the game itself. 5. I redownloaded all of it. 6.When loading a save before the achievement "Duty" it still does not award it, nor did it when I started from scratch not once, but twice. 7.Still no achievement. Even after going to another quest after hearing every line of conversation, getting the reward and XP. I can not get those entitlements The High Lord's Belt, Pendant of t

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