Cloak and Dagger Achievement

  • Cloak and Dagger



    Meet secretly with the agent of the Divine

    You must complete his final companion quest "Faith" during Act III, after completing his Act I and II companion quests, in order to unlock this.

  • Another glithced acheivable this is a quest in act 3 given to you by grand cleric or mother (ONe of those two) she is next to sebastion in the chantry those who played the previous game will find it obvious who the agent is (think female holy assassin)??
  • why is this not a secret achievement?
  • shes still hot :P
  • its not bugged for me it poped up after i went back and spoke with the grand cleric about her safety
  • This one still won't work for me >.> Ger
  • This one is bugged for me, as well. Hasn't popped on two playthroughs. I hope it comes up this time through.
  • if you havent deleted and downloaded your dlc again its going to stay bugged
  • how do you delete and redownload if I have a signature edition to the game?
  • @ GMpunk delete it from your memory and you'll beable to download it again from the title screen no problem, i did it before i started my second playthough.
  • about to get it hope it pops.
  • @Afro Akuma878 Thanks, I didn't even realize this one hadn't popped for me on my first playthrough 'til I came across this thread. I've deleted and redownloaded the DLC so hopefully it'll pop this time.
  • Even if you have the signature edition of the game, you had to download the DLC. You'll need to go into your xbox downloads, delete it, and redownload it to fix the glitch. Unfortunately, it won't automatically award you the achievements and you'll have to go back and replay.
  • after doing the repentance quest, sebastian is still locked in my party. any idea on how to get him out of my party? annoying.

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