Loyalty of the Prince Achievement

  • Loyalty of the Prince



    Earn either a friendship or rivalry with Sebastian.

    A glitch existed, where you could gain 100% rivalry and this achievement very quickly at the end of the "Repentance" quest. Sadly, this glitch has been patched.

    You will need to max out either the friendship or rivalry bar for Sebastian to unlock this achievement. There are just enough friendship or rivalry points to max out the bar just from his companion quests, if you consistently take either the friendly or aggressive options.

  • Who the crap is Sebastian? Just finished my first play through and completely missed this guy. And Isabella incidentally.
  • @ #1 - Sebastian is an additional character that you can recruit from the DLC of the exiled prince. Isabella can be found in the hanged man in Act 1 after you have recruited Anders. Go to the tavern when no quest is active and she should be at the bar.
  • I have him at full friendship but it didn't unlock it for me, I'm in the middle of Act 2 at the moment if that effects anything.
  • I also didnt get it and im in act 3 at the very end, but he did leave my team
  • All of the Exiled Prince DLC is glitched and won't "pop" at the moment. Bioware and Microsoft are working on the problem. Hopefully when it patches, the achievements will automatically pop. If not, I know I will be playing another playthrough. lol
  • all the DLC achievements have been patched :) (well im starting to get them now :) ) all you have to do to get them is delete the DLC from the memory of your harddrive and then redownload it :) oh make sure to start a new game because loading your saves wont unlock the achievements if you have done the quests (iv tried) :(
  • Follow what TKS said i've been getting my achievements after i reinstalled the DLC. Also found a glitch if you talk to the grand cleric in act 2 with Sebastian present and you tell her that you don't care for her opinion you will get +5 rivalry which you will get every time you talk to her until you max out your rivalry
  • be careful using this glitch to the acheivement. I just did it and now Sebastian is permanently locked into my squad of four.
  • if it doesnt let you do this after repentance, wait a while and come back until you get the option is something troubling you? click investigate and then how do we handle the qunari? the option to say you're useless will come up then and will get -5 for sebastian each time you do it.
  • can this be combined with "Rival" if not gotten before with the - 5 with Aveline?
  • @7 and @9 - anyone know if the last patch fixed this? Both of these methods aren't working for me to boost rivalry.
  • @7 and @9 - anyone know if the last patch fixed this? Both of these methods aren't working for me to boost rivalry.
  • fixed in the last patch. =)
  • I wasn't getting the rivalry +5 from talking, so I just cleared the cache under memory :P Reload the save, got the cheevo, restarted the game and installed the patch again :P
  • If you clear the cache the game won't allow you to go online without updating, which means the game won't load the save unless you're connected to live.
  • I only have this and the "Supplier" achievement to get all of them. The glitch no lnger works, but if you have him in your party when you go into the Fade, he'll refuse to go, and you'll get +20 Rivalry.
  • Two good quest for friendship is Fool's Gold, accept the quest +5, and when in the Deep choose to rescue the brother instead of the sword and that is +10. Also on Dissent when Anders/Justice tried to kill the mage and you have to calm him down, then selecting the star shape/sheriff badge shape dialog option it give 15 rivalry to Anders but gives Sebastion +15 Friendship as well.
  • #16: Did that. I found it much easier to get a rivalry with him than friendship. Could be because I don't like him much. ^^;
  • I have got all of the other Sebastian achievements, so I know they unlock, but I cant unlock this achievement with his friendship. I know he's my friend because I have his friend perk thing. Is this another glitch or does his friend metre have to be maxed out?
  • #19: has to be maxed out one way or the other. also the infinite rivalry glitch has been patched.
  • where do you find this guy? I started a new game after i did the DL and I cant find him.
  • I had to reload an earlier save and do his quest then and let him tag along on the later missions being sure to go against the chantry at every chat option possible to gain his rivalry
  • after doing the repentance quest, sebastian is still locked in my party. any idea on how to get him out of my party? annoying.
  • dosnt work for me did they fix this glitch?
  • Isn't it great to know that you can come to this site and find answers and not a bunch of little kids BABBLING AND WHINING like a bunch of little female dogs!!! Oh wait!!! I have been here when this site was good, and now with the likes of ALL OF YOU BABIES it has went to hell!!

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