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    Give Sebastian a family heirloom.

    Sebastian's gift can be found during his "Repentance" companion quest. You will travel to Harimann Estate. Progress through the mansion until the cut-scene. When the cut-scene ends, a waypoint marker will appear on your map. The gift can be found on a corpse in the wine cellar in the room with the exit into the dungeon. Speaking to Sebastian and doing the gift dialog will unlock this achievement.

  • I so gave him a family bow and did not unlock!
  • same here I'm sure bioware will patch this and the blood dragon armor problem soon after all its only the first week of release
  • i dont think any of them are working, i have his friend meter pegged out, gave him the bow and avenged his killers, wtf?
  • BioWare has admitted that the Exiled Prince achievements are currently not unlocking though are showing up as unlocked on the BioWare Social website. BioWare is currently "looking into it" though it appears to be more on Microsoft's end.
  • hey ihad a question 4 anybody that can help me. im not at the end of this DLC yet but can anybody tell me how and where i get a family heirloom to give him? might sound like a dumb question 4 some but i havnt came across any weapons or anything that said it was a heirloom. Thanks 4 the help n cant wait till they get this prob fixed with the dang achievements not poppin.AHHH!!! BTW thanks 4 the info Aphro. u wouldnt now bout how long that would take by chance would ya Aphro?
  • No, I haven't read anything about how long it might be before they get it fixed. As for the family heirloom, you get it after doing Sebastian's quest in Act 2. Provided you loot everything in the DuPais manor, you'll come across it and be able to give it to him after completeing the quest.
  • I have noticed a couple of the quests were kind of buggy as well. I like to reload my games to play out all my options, and sometimes friend and rivalry points didn't show up when they should have, obviously the achievement didn't work and well that about all i can think of at the moment. You know what I have to say about this, and I am quoting from the book of antiquated psalms... "Quality over quantity" or "Less is more" quoting from the book of Van Wilder...
  • I've heard that if you uninstall the DLC and then reinstall it, it should fix the problem. This is making it hard for those people trying to get all the achievements.
  • The DLC Achievements didn't unlock on my first playthrough. I'm now on my 2nd playthrough and they are unlocking for me after I deleted the DLC and reinstalled.
  • I've played through this multiple times and its still not giving me the achievement... maybe I'll have to try reinstalling it. That's frustrating
  • Hey, this works now. I played it only through once without reinstalling the DLC and got the achievement. Along w/ the other achievements for this dlc.

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