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    Defeat an ancient evil in the Vimmark Mountains.

    Story related and can't be missed.

    The following has minor plot points for the DLC.

    To avoid the annoying nexus power puzzle, side with Janeka (The Mage) initially. This path is easier and will not require the use of youtube. Then once at the seal you will have another opportunity to take sides. This time side with Larius (The Warden Ghoul). Doing this makes Larius kill Janeka and avoids an unneeded fight with Larius.

    The fight with Corypheus (The final boss of the DLC) is a bit of a pain. I played a warrior so please adjust your strategy accordingly, but this should help with the general idea of the fight. My Rogue never stayed alive very long in this fight, so I just worried about myself, my tank and my healer. In order to make him vulnerable to attacks you will need to interact with the 4 statues to break the source of some of his power. Every time you do some enemies will pop out and attack. Defeat them before moving on otherwise your party members will suffer (I tried running ahead). Make sure to dodge and take into account Corypheus' attacks while you do this part. They work in a rotating fashion, so just go with the flow when moving to the next statue to interact with. There are 4 statues to interact with to cut the flow of power. Once you have stopped the flow of power from the statues he will leave the middle allowing for close range combat, his attacks are deadly so pay mind to them. After taking so much damage he teleport to the other side. Chase him down and continue wailing on him until he returns to the middle. Then deal with the 4 statues again. The environment in which you are fighting will be become more volatile and harder to traverse as the fight continues. Slowing down the fight.

    Overall this fight isn't really hard, its just drawn out making it annoying to fail.

    Have a lot of healing items and keep an eye on your party's health. Especially your healer. This fight is drawn out and will require your attention the entire time.

  • Not bad, only took an hour =]
  • This fight took me two times, because the first time we all stood next to the statue thinking I could stop him from drawing power. We got incinerated. Phase 1: Just a normal fight. He'll melee you, and I don't recall him casting anything. He'll teleport across the room partway through, so just follow him and continue the punishment. Phase 2 (when he reaches 80% HP): Corypheus will teleport to the center and begin drawing power from a statue. Once he has drawn power (which you cannot stop him from doing, btw), he will begin to launch huge flame jets, one on either side of him, and turn counter-clockwise across the area (turning the flame jets with him). Their starting direction will be towards the statue he is drawing power from, and toward the opposite statue. Make sure you are stand
  • ing to the side of him. If you stand in the fire, you will die very quickly. Make a dash towards a statue and activate it; this will summon two Shades that you need to kill. Once they've been dealt with, go back out and repeat this for the other 3 statues. Keep an eye on any ranged party members -- they have a tendency to run back into the room and get incinerated. NOTE: It's OK if the fire passes by you while you stand near a statue. You will still take damage, but it's not lethal damage (did 9 dps to me). Phase 3 (after shutting down the 4 statues): Same thing as Phase 1. Phase 4 (when he reaches 60%): Corypheus will return to the center and draw power from a new statue. Now, huge rocks will jut out of the ground and create a sort of maze. Once they've appeared, he'll summon fire j
  • ets again, and you'll need to do the same thing you did in Phase 2, only with a simple maze to navigate. Phase 5 (after shutting down the 4 statues again): Same as Phase 1, but the rocks remain, so it's a tiny bit more difficult to chase after him (luckily, the AI will navigate the maze like it's not even there). Phase 6 (when he reaches 40%): This time is a bit different. Corypheus will return to the center, draw power, but this time, he'll return to the battle. Instead of fire, the rocks will become electrified and begin creating electric streams between each other. If you walk between the streams, you'll take damage. He'll also summon a large circle that will sit on the ground for a few seconds, and then begin to zap anybody in it, dealing electric damage and stunning them repeate
  • dly (similar to the Pride Demon's ability). You can't turn these off this time around -- instead, you just need to fight Corypheus. Phase 7 (when he reaches 20%): This is the final phase. He'll return to the center, draw power, and now return with the ability to cast ice magic. He'll use the normal spells like Cone of Cold and Winter's Grasp, but I believe I also saw something similar to Hailstorm happening. You'll also have to deal with the electrified rocks and his electric circle. This is just a DPS race, as the entire party will be taking damage constantly (so don't be afraid to use your potions). Luckily, Corypheus doesn't have much in the subject of armor, so you'll be able to take him down quickly. Good luck! (sorry for the cutting of words -- I wasn't aware there was a charac
  • Thanks man, that really helped!
  • As much as I hate Carver he really saved my butt here. I had Carver, Varric, and Anders in my party and everyone died abit too quick, but Carver seemed to have some insane magic resistance against his attacks so I was able to just hack away at him and finally finish him off.
  • This was freaking bogus. I had the boss down to the one inch line of his help, but it would not move afterwards even though i have done a ton of damage on it, but the last bit would not go away. Really frustrating.
  • Story related achievement so can't miss.
  • When I reached phase six he stayed in the center and did the flame jets with the electric rocks. What's up with that?
  • Hmm, it appears this achievement can suck my balls. Cutting through Corypheus's health is piss easy when my party is with me, but no matter what i do they all manage to run back into the fire when i command them to hold in the statue area. Or when we run in circles to get to the next statue, they don't run, they bloody waddle along and get scorched leaving me with Varric every time who is utterly useless in this fight. .... Piss!
  • I tried to fight this guy 3 times and each time I fight he regenerates his health. Right when I think I am making a dent and going with the flow, he heals himself. Its all pointless!!! Ugh!!

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