Family Outing Achievement

  • Family Outing



    Complete the main quest in the Vimmark Mountains with Bethany or Carver in the party.

    Story related but missable.

    Make sure to use a save where Bethany or Carver is available to have in your party. Then make sure you keep them in your party from beginning to end. Changing them out at an point will null the achievement.

    If you do not have a save file where Bethany or Carver have survived the deep roads expedition, you must start a new game and make it to Kirkwall. When you reach the Deep Roads, either leave them at home, or take them and Anders with you on the expedition. This will allow you to have your sibling join the grey wardens and save them from the corruption.

  • in my playthrough, that'd be Bethany. Hell with the other guy
  • Agreed. However, it will be nice to have Bethany in the party again. I liked her as a healer much better than the other two mages.
  • This Cheevo probably sucks - as both Carver (in the Prologue) and Bethany (in the MInes) died in my playthrough :-( So unless it's a prequel to the events in 2, it sucks -.-
  • *Spoilers below* It could take place before the end of Act 1, so at least one would be guaranteed to be alive.
  • You can have Bethany *spoiler* in my playthrough when she got infected in the mines i had Anders make her a Grey Warden and she turned up near the end of the game. If you don't have Anders i'm assuming she dies
  • Yup, I never took Anders with me because he's such a whiny douche. So my sibling died in the mines both times I brought each of them. I shed no tears when Carver (also a whiny douche) died but Beth I was quite partial too. Maybe have to bring Anders and make Beth a Warden on my next playthrough when the DLC is out.
  • bethany>carver any day i couldnt let her die and i dint mind anders too much was a bit of a hypocrite with merril he took a demon into him and then chastises merril for her blood magic i hope this expansion is good :)
  • My guess is that for this achievement you'll need to play from an early save. Those characters are not selectable later on, and *spoiler* when they do return to your party if you used the methods above you are in the end game and not able to play DLC.
  • @#9, maybe you can play with them in chapter two or three if *spoiler* they become Grey Wardens ... could be plotwise
  • no the dlc can be played at any point in the game so you'd have to start the game again if bethany or carter anrnt in your party
  • I bet it's possible to not have Bethany or Carver in this. I missed Liliana in my first playthrough of DAO, and there were no glitches of any sort. I know she's a big part of the story, but I played through that whole game without her ever showing up in anything.
  • @8 Justice isn't a demon... He's a spirit of the Fade... Play Dragon Age Awakenings and you would know this...
  • *spoilers* In my playthrough, I didn't bring Bethany to the deep roads at all. While I was gone, she was captured by the Templars and lived at the Circle for the next six years. At the end of the game I chose to back the Mages, and she rejoined my party. In the Post-Game autosave, she was still available as a playable character. I think that means if you make the right choices to keep your sibling alive, you should be able to play this at the end of the game with all your cool gear.
  • "Playable from any point in the DAII campaign, face all new darkspawn, forge a powerful new weapon and come face to face with an ancient horror."
  • can anyone spare microsoft points i will pay you back my gamertag is darth dude 5 i would greatly apreciate this
  • @13 am waiting on my ultimate edition to arrive so i can play awakening and the half of the dlc i dont have i still see him a demon cos isnt that what a spirit of the fade is or did i miss something?
  • @17 "Demon" is the name that is given to malicious spirits of the Fade that feed on our vices (such as audacity, sloth, and pride). It could be argued, however, these are two separate races, or perhaps, actually a multitude of races. While both races feed off emotional energy, each type of spirit is extremely physically and psychologically different. The only common traits are that "Demons" feed on vices and want to see the mortal realm, whereas spirits feed on virtues and do not care about the mortal realm. The extreme negative emotions in Anders is what caused Justice to transform into Vengeance. He wasn't always a psycho, Templar-murdering spirit.
  • @17 I wasn't mad or anything just saying play Awakenings and it will all be easier to understand because you get to see them both post merge.
  • *pre-merge
  • I was able to get Bethany to come, as a circle mage. I think she's the best sibling to come with you, if only for the story.
  • Anybody let carver be a Templar? That would be great or just let him be a warden? It would be great to play the dlc with a templar
  • For anyone that is wondering, ****SPOILER**** as long as you make Bethany a Grey Warden in the Deep Roads by bringing Anders along, you can use her in this DLC. She is normally a shadow on the character selection screen, but when you go to select your team for the DLC she is playable.
  • Also, you could always try the DLC from an early save point so as to assure you have a sibling.
  • just to clearify, as long as bethany or carver are alive you can bring them with you even though they will not be available during the main game. Bethany for example can still be selected to be in your party for the dlc no matter if you took her on the deeproads expedition as long as she's still alive.
  • Does returning to Kirkwall while going through the Carta Hideout effect this achievement?
  • I can confirm that returning to Kirkwall (both from the beginning of the quest - attacked caravan and from the quick travel statue) does not effect this achievement so long you keep your sibling in your party. I visited the Black Emporium and went to the uncle in Lowtown and could pick up the DLC story multiple times.

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