Tower Sweeper Achievement

  • Tower Sweeper



    Complete every side quest in the Vimmark Mountains prison tower.

    There are 3 side quests. Malcom's Will, Altar of Dumat, and The Paragon's Heir.

    Side Quest #1 Malcom's Will
    This quest begins on the first floor (Sashamiri's Floor). You will see a shade locked in a magical prison. You must free him and then kill him. In order to free him to must interact with 2 magic trigger points (red dots) in the area once you have activated both, go back to the magic cell where the shade is captive and activate the 3rd trigger point. Once the shade is free he will summon replications of him self and attack you. Defeat them and the quest will be added to your journal.

    The 2nd magical prison is on the next floor (Farele's Floor). The 2nd prison is on the eastern side of the floor. Once the 2 magic trigger points are activated go back to the cell to activate the 3rd. This time you are fighting an abomination and profanes. Dispatch of them and the quest will update.

    The 3rd magical prison is on the same floor as the 2nd prison (Farele's Floor). The 3rd prison is about half way through the floor on the northern side of the map. This time you are fighting a desire demon that will summon corpses and skeleton archers. Dispatch of them and the quest will be completed.

    Side Quest #2 Altar of Dumat
    This quest can be started on the 2nd (Farele's Floor) or 3rd floor (Tower base). This quest is started when you pick any 1 of the 4 artifacts in the tower. The quest can be finished 1 of 2 ways, either you defile The Altar of Dumat (requires only 1 artifact) or you can perform a ritual to honor Dumat (which requires all 4 artifacts). You only have the option to defile the shrine until you placed all 4 artifacts. Once you have placed the 4th you are locked into performing the ritual. There are 2 artifacts a piece on the Farele's floor and Tower base floor.

    If you want to perform the ritual here are the locations of the 4 artifacts.

    Farele's Floor:

    • The Crown of Dumat is found in a side room on the eastern side of the floor.
    • Dumat's Sacrificial Dagger is found in a side room on the western side of the floor.


    Tower base:


    • Dumat's Ritual Scroll is found just north of Dumat's altar. There is a set of stairs creating an L shape. The scroll is on the upper platform.
    • Sacred Urn of Dumat is found in the clearing after the area in which the Altar of Dumat is located (in the Tower Base). It is in a small cave just to the south of where Hawke battles deepstalkers and spiders. This beyond the altar, so you your first encounter with the altar you will only have a max of 3 artifacts.

    Side Quest #3 The Paragon's Heir
    This quest begins and ends on the 3rd floor (Tower base). The quest is started by finding the 1st Legionnaire's journal which is on a dead-end path to the south of the first main clearing. The second entry is in a large submerged stone building to the north of the second main clearing. The third and final journal entry is in a small cave just to the south of the next area after the clearing where Altar of Dumat is located.

    Once you have all 3 journal entries a map marker will appear showing you where Garen Tethra's body is. Its East of the 3rd journal entry. Its off to the right, right before the stone bridge. Once you have found the body the quest will be complete.

    Here is a map for references on where the journals are and where Garen Tethra's body is.

  • I was hoping that someone would be able to comment with a list of all the side quests... I picked this up at 4 this morning, had it beat by 5... loved every step of it. :D
  • there are only 2 side quests, easy achievement just search ever part of the map u won't miss anything.
  • btw you can defile the altar (if you haven't found all of the items) and it still works toward the achievement
  • The quests I had completed when I received this achievement were: Malcolm's Will Altar of Dumat The Paragon's Heir If you do these three, you'll receive the achievement in Corypheus's Prison - Tower Base.
  • I did Malcom's Will and the Paragon's Heir, but in my journal it said I hadn't completed the Alter of Dumat. I found all of the items listed on there; what was I supposed to do after that?
  • where do you find the urn?
  • @drhouse1985 The urn is just a little ways (about 3-7 minutes playtime) past the alter itself @rockinxrobynx You have to place all 4 items on the altar then either desecrate it or activate it. Either way will complete the quest, but which option you choose impacts approval/disapproval from companions (just save first) now for my question: How do you complete Malcolm's Will? I played the whole DLC already and completed the other 2 side quests, but never found where to finish Malcolm's Will. Do you have to backtrack or something? (I checked every nook and cranny of the place..)
  • @7 - Pretty sure Malcolm's Will is just releasing (and fighting) the three trapped shades. That's all I remember having to do to complete the quest. Someone feel free to correct me if that's wrong. My question: How do you get into where (I assume) the altar is? The door has a blue barrier in front of it. I've activated three wall scone things, but the barrier is still there. Is there a forth wall scone to activate, or am I missing something else entirely?
  • @tCromer, Phoenix is correct that as you go through the tower you will find 3 cages sealed off by a force field and you need to find the "power nodes" for lack of a better term in order to drop each shield and then defeat the creature sealed inside (first is a shade, second is an abomination and third is a desire demon). Look around on the walls for glowing orbs in front of Grey Warden crests, there should be two for each cell, then go back to the cell and interact with the field on the cell and let the mayhem begin, expect other shades to be called in for backup in each fight. Each creature is imprisoned on a different level of the tower and you may have to look aroudn on each level a little bit to find the power nodes. @PhoenixTemplar, I am afraid that I can't help you there, all I
  • gotta love post size limits :) @PhoenixTemplar, I was able to complete that quest and there was no force field blocking enterance to the altar, but to be honest I do not remember activating any power nodes until after I had completed it, I will be running another character through later today and can update on that, I missed the helmet to complete the new armour set on my first run through
  • @CanuckGhost - Yeah, I missed that helmet as well. Strange. I'm also going back in with a second character, so I'll see if I have any more luck then.
  • I have all 4 quests under quest completed in my journal (Malcolm's Will, Altar of Dumat,Paragon's Heir, and Legacy) and no bloody achievement. It glitched on me.
  • but where is the altar? lvl 1, lvl2, lvl3? the level with all the turning torches that i managed to turn all white and level up.. but I cannot find the "altar" and making it priority on the journal didn't light up the waypoint, anywhere i could find.?
  • ahh wow, I don't know how I missed it, the 1st time through.. but I also realized (without any spoilers of course) different classes and genders give different really cool stuff. I have 3 characters 1male mage lvl 27, 2 females , rogue and warrior, lvl 26and its absolutely worth going through again, with your other characters. and the altar in in the tower base, (underground city part) big big stair case to a huge altar.. .. I still cant believe i missed it on the 1st pass, but at least its done, ;] Good gaming everyone!!~
  • I got legacy July and still not playing it because too busy at work, lol
  • where are the four items for the altar
  • just profane altar and achiv will pop-up.
  • urn is somwhere near dead dwarf (where you say prayers for his soul), scroll is also on this floor, near this statue, just look everywhere. dagger and corone is floor above.

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