Chasing the Game Achievement

  • Chasing the Game



    Lure and kill an alpha wyvern near Chateau Haine.

    This achievement is missable.

    You need to collect 5 items in order to face the Alpha Wyvern. Otherwise you'll face a regular Wyvern. These are often hidden in the side roads of the Hunting Grounds East and West. You should check your progress in the journal.

    There are 3 items in the first Hunting Ground map you come across:

    - Dead Dragon: go up the hill to the right, right when you start the hunt. Kill the dragons and it's there.
    - Blood: Continue the path from the dragons and it's also on the hills just before the descent towards the dog owner who gives you a side-quest.
    - Mating Call: take a left into a hidden path (it's on the map thought) after coming across the first hunting party with the hounds.

    The remaining two are on the second Hunting Ground Map:

    - Half-Eaten Halla (Carcass): Follow the path to the right when you start. It's on the right of the map under some trees.
    - Wyvern Dung: in a lake on the way to the Wyvern. Can't miss it. It's a huge pile of feces steaming.

    Finally you must choose to use all the items when Tallis asks you what you want to do.

  • You have to use all 5 bait items to get this achievement. Killing anything less than the alpha and you won't get the 30Gs.
  • You need: * Dragonling corpse * Blood * Wyvern mating call * Nug Call (found in poo pile) * Holla remains Before baiting at the bait site
  • I can't seem to get the alpha wyverns life below half, just can't seem to kill it. I am a lvl 28 Rogue, w/ Anders, & Fenris as my companions, anyone have any tips? This is my last achievement & I would really like to get it. Thanks :)
  • indeed the alpha hits like a truck. Try stunning him as much as possible. It worked for me that way
  • Comment #3. I am the same as you but only level 24 w/ same exact party. This is what I did. 1. First I am a assassin and shadow. 2. Have Anders stay away and use supportive actions (like haste and heal). 3. Use pinpoint strike and have Anders use haste to do a lot of critical damage. 4. Use assassinate anytime it has recharged for maximum damage. 5. When pinpoint strike and assassinate can't be used, the use upgraded decoy, it distracts the alpha wyvern away from the party and focuses on the decoy. 6. Once decoy blows up and does some damage, pinpoint strike and assassinate should be recharged, which should handle the alpha wyvern.
  • i can't seem to find the holla remains. any advice on where it is? East or West forest? Not sure how I missed it.
  • be sure to check in all the corners, some are a pain to find
  • beat him at level 8 or 7. I think it's a bit luck. he kept switching targets so we were able to do a little at a time.

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