The Take Achievement

  • The Take



    Disarm the fire traps in Chateau Haine's vaults.

    This achievement is missable.

    This is missable as if you leave the Dungeons directly to the cave through the fissure you cannot return. Instead, go to the vaults.

    The color puzzle is very simple and easy however the image tile puzzle is the most difficult thing in this DLC.

    Solutions to the Puzzles

    Image Puzzle:

    1st (north puzzle in the map):

    2nd (puzzle to the east in the map):

    3rd (puzzle to the west in the map):

  • i hated lights out and Bioware goes and puts the game in this DLC :(
  • Anyone figure this out yet??
  • Never mind I figured it out. I just got lucky with the floor portrait. Was a pain in the to figure out, for me at least haha. So far I am liking this DLC. Even the new comments that the companions say.
  • This should help anyone stuck! I couldn't figure out the last bit with the tiles in the main hall, and never would have figured it out if i hadn't looked at that! Talk about subtle clues much
  • Well the three rooms you have to "complete" in order to have each portrait unlock. Once they are unlocked use the portraits to match up with the tiles on the floor in the main fire trap room. blank tiles = bald head guys and the hat guys = symbol tiles. As for the main portrait in one of the side rooms I honestly just kept clicking until I got lucky. As I kept getting everyone of them uncovered except the darn middle one. Hopefully someone else can be more helpful. :/
  • so... confused as all hell the floor switch puzzle was easy but there was no fire traps to disarm so how do u get the achievement. u would have to get it before the blackjack subtle so theyre listed out of order too????
  • The fire trap was that big fire pit in the middle room. If you saw the big floor portrait then you saw the fire pit. There are three other tile fixtures on the floor in that fire room. All of which have to have their tiles turned a certain way. In order to know which way you have to solve each puzzle in the 3 rooms connected to the fire room. 2 of which are the easy color changing rune rooms. The other is the big floor portrait room. Once you complete each puzzle a portrait in each room that was once black would be unlocked and show which tiles that are infront of that room in the main fire pit should be turned to. Go to comment 6 as to how to decode those. You have to solve each puzzle to get its "code layout" for the tiles in the main fire room. Once you have those all done the achieveme
  • ** achievement should pop. The achievements were in this order for me from 1st earning to last: A New Day- Meet Tallis Chasing the Game- Alpha Wyvern Blackjack Subtle- Sneek past all guards The Take- Fire Trap Mark of the Assassin- Defeated Duke Prosper with or without Tallis. I did it with her. Hope that helps some. I didn't check the link in Comment #5 but maybe check that out as well.
  • copy this,
  • I got the achievement without having to solve the giant portrait puzzle. Once I solved the puzzles in the main room with the fire, the achievement unlocked. I used this:
  • I looked at the answer to the puzzle first, then went through the side rooms and found where you actually see the answers and realized it was way easier than everyone made it out to be. I should have just solved it myself instead of listening to everyone complaining about how hard it was to solve.
  • Just a heads up, you can miss this one. When escaping the jail, before you enter the crack in the wall to the caves, turnaround and exit to the passage labeled "Exit to Vaults" (or something to that effect). This is where the fire puzzle and several pieces of loot are found. Hope this helps!
  • @13 Tx!!
  • CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP. just beat the DLC and forgot where it was located. well, another playthrough is on the horizon.
  • Got it. One more to go.

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