Mark of the Assassin Achievement

  • Mark of the Assassin



    Defeated Duke Prosper, with or without Tallis.

    Story related and can't be missed. You can make the battle easier by poisoning Leopold in the castle. To do this when you meet the cook in the sneaking part, send her away and add the following (watch the small counter that hovers the items carefully):

    - Lutefisk x4
    - Navet x5
    - Old Cheese x3

    Mix the 3 and put the potion in Leopold's rations nearby the table with the Navet. This poisons Leopold and makes him easier to defeat.

  • what could this be.....
  • when is this coming out
  • @2 rumors say October 11th for 800
  • If you look down the page (post #15) someone posted it
  • You will get this one soon as you finnish the DLC :I
  • its called the Mark of the Assassin (shock) and u get it as #5 said at the end after defeating Duke Prosper, with or without Tallis
  • not worth 800 msp
  • why is this achievement already checked off for me? I cant seem to un-check it?
  • Mine is checked also, cannot uncheck
  • It's getting bizarrely mixed up with one of the Sebastian DLC achievements, which keeps unchecking whenever I uncheck this one. At least, only when I hide the completed ones. Whatever, I figure I'll just do it and check them all. Problem solved.
  • Why are they taking so long to fix this?
  • I can't check this off....what is going won't save?!
  • It's been over a month and no-one has done anything about this glitch in the system? Do they even know about it?
  • If you mark this game off as 100%, the program might check it off automatically. So in other words, if you claim to perfect the game then it's assumed you have this DLC achievement, even if you didn't download.

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