Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
Offline: 50 (1000)
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 100080 hrs + (highly skill-dependent for Nightmare)
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1, 2 Recommended
Missable achievements: "Belle of the Balle""The Brightest of Their Age""On Burning Wings""Persuasive""People Person""Beloved and Precious"
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: "Dragons' Bane""Veteran""Persuasive"
Extra equipment needed?: None

In Inquisition, you begin as a relative nobody (henceforth referred to as the Herald), thrown into a perilous situation by an unknown antagonizing force. The Chantry as you and Thedas knew it has crumbled around you and you are at the center of the smoking political ruin left to reshape the state of two neighboring states, Ferelden and Orlais: Ferelden currently in turmoil and accepting apostate Mages and rogue Templars; Orlais in a vicious battle of words and subterfuge to determine who comes out on top amidst the Chantry’s chaos. 

The combat structure of Inquisition is akin to the first entry in the series. At any time you wish, you may pause combat, engage a tactical camera view, and issue commands to any or all of your party. If the command involves movement, a line is drawn from the character taking the action to where they are moving. Unlike Origins, however, the combat is much more fluid now, taking what was good from Dragon Age 2 and adapting it to a slightly slower play style. On easier difficulties such as Easy or Normal, the tactical camera will not be necessary outside of tough battles, or unless you simply like to use it. On Hard or Nightmare, however, it becomes a necessity. Learn it, love it, and prepare to use it regularly.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
In the early stages of the game, you can easily clear out some quick achievements like "Well-Prepared""Customized""Sharp-Eyed""Well-Read""Skilled""Synergized""Decorator""Cavalier", and "Trailblazer". These will require little to no effort.

Throughout the middle-to end-game, you will start unlocking many of the longer ones that have multiple requirements like "Specialized""Pathfinder""Stargazer""Liberator""Persuasive""People Person""Loremaster", and "Quartermaster". These will require moderate effort, mostly just keeping an eye open for their requirements and acting on them when possible. 

In regard to difficulty, it is recommended that you begin on Hard in order to get Herald on your first playthrough, as well as learning how the tactical camera works and synergy between party members. If you are new to the series, I recommend Normal as your first playthrough. Regardless of what you start with, Nightmare will most likely be a second journey into the game for most of you, and you can get any of the missable achievements you may not have gotten your first time on top of finally getting Inquisitor and the completion.

Once you've completed the game, you are able to continue play and get the final achievements you may have missed. For the average gamer, these will most likely include "Botanist""Master Alchemist""Dragons’ Bane""Veteran""Peerless", and "Invincible".

Follow the achievement descriptions below to polish these off.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling RPGs to date, and I don’t mean just this year. Even if it is a little heavy on the waypoint hunting, the story and character interactions are top notch and the voice acting is what you’ve come to expect from BioWare. A rich and satisfying combat mechanic round out the whole positive experience. You won’t have many troubles with most of these achievements and you’re in for a long, enjoyable ride.

[XBA would like to thank Floyd. for this Roadmap]

Dragon Age: Inquisition Achievement Guide

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There are 54 achievements with a total of 1165 points

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Story related, cannot be missed. 

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Story related, cannot be missed. 

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Story related, cannot be missed. 

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Story related, cannot be missed. 

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Story related, cannot be missed. 

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Story related, cannot be missed. 

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Progress the story to the point of "What Pride Had Wrought". During it you will be able to direct the conversation to enable your character to drink from a well or have someone else do it. To avoid spoilers, make your character be the one to drink, and after progressing the story past the next quest, you will unlock the achievement.

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Story related, cannot be missed. 

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    The full list of all nine possible companions in the single player campaign are:

    - Blackwall (By progressing the story, Leliana will eventually approach you before you can enter the War Room and offer you the quest "The Lone Warden." Go to The Hinterlands and complete this quest as soon as possible, as it will expire over time)

    - Cassandra (Cannot be missed. Acquired at the start of the game)

    - Cole (Progress the story. He will ask to join)

    - Dorian (Progress the story. He will ask to join)

    - Iron Bull (Progress the story. Eventually, a messenger will appear outside the gates to Haven's Chantry, claiming to be part of a mercenary band. Accept the invitation he presents and complete the quest)

    - Sera (When you enter Val Royeaux, an arrow will be fired near your Inquisitor with a letter attached. Complete the quest)

    - Solas (Cannot be missed. Acquired at the start of the game)

    - Varric (Cannot be missed. Acquired at the start of the game)

    - Vivienne (In the courtyard of Val Royeaux, there will be a messenger by a fountain near the exit as soon as you are about to leave for the first time, dressed in regal attire and a mask. Complete the quest. DO NOT fast travel to the exit when leaving for the first time! Her quest can be missed by doing so)

    Recruit them all into your party in a single playthrough to unlock the achievement.

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Much like in other BioWare games, romances are included here, as well. This achievement is unlocked easiest with a party member whom your character’s morality lines up with and is involved in your active party, as you will consistently be increasing your approval rating with them. Whenever possible, choose conversation options with them that provide a ‘Heart’ symbol in the middle of your dialogue wheel (romantic dialogue) and say things that align with their morality and state of mind. If they are of a sexuality that does not align with yours, they will decline your advances.

    Continue choosing the ‘Heart’ whenever possible and increasing their approval rating to eventually unlock the ability to romance them. 

    Keep in mind that this does not immediately unlock once you commit to a person, even though that is the achievement's description. You must further progress the romance to a certain point, different for each individual, to unlock the achievement.

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Please see "The Brightest of Their Age" for more information.

  • Progress the story to unlock this achievement.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Purchase or secure five different mounts of any kind.

    Your first mount, a Fereldan Forder, is granted to you by a man named Dennet in the northwest of The Hinterlands while you attempt to secure horses for the Inquisition. Follow his branching quest line to acquire the mount and unlock "Cavalier".

    When you acquire Skyhold, the same horsemaster will offer to sell you multiple mounts, provided you completed the quests Farmland Security, Horses for the Inquisition, and Master of Horses, then asked him to join the Inquisition. Buy/acquire a total of five to unlock the achievement.

    Bonus mounts:
    Red Hart, Bog Unicorn, and Armored Mount (Deluxe Edition)
    Dracolisk (Collector's Strategy Guide) 

  • Craft a weapon or piece of armor in single-player mode.

    Shortly after the tutorial is completed, you will be given a quest that includes going to speak with the smith. Once you arrive, the smith will update your quest and instruct you to loot one of the crates beside him for crafting materials. After doing so, turn and face inwards to the smithing area and the table closest to you will say “Craft Armor.” Activate it with  and follow the prompts to craft your first piece of armor.

  • Enchant or upgrade a piece of equipment in single-player mode.

    Shortly after the tutorial is completed, you will be given a quest that includes going to speak with the smith. On your way there, do not sell your starter armor, for once you arrive, there will be a loot chest beside the smith (a crate) that includes an upgrade for said armor. Pick it up, then turn and face the two men striking anvils. As you just acquired an armor upgrade, face the anvil that says “Modify Armor” and press  to activate the upgrade station. Follow the prompts to complete your first upgrade.

    Alternatively, you can first complete the steps for "Well-Prepared" and then upgrade that, as it is the same piece as your starter armor. 

  • Complete a timed mission on the war table.

    Please see "High Commander" for more information.

  • Discover a campsite and establish an Inquisition camp in any wilderness area.

    Please see "Pathfinder" for more information.

  • Find and recover a shard identified by an ocularum.

    Throughout your adventures in Thedas, you will discover short poles with skulls mounted atop them known as ocularum. They appear on your quest map as skull icons. First, you must approach one and interact with . This will bring you into a mode reminiscent of a telescope, and you must identify one (or many) shards by searching for a beam of fragmented light. Once the center of your screen matches up the fragmented light to it’s source, that shard has been identified, and you must now go to the location marked on your quest map. Interact with the shard using  to unlock the achievement.

  • Discover a veilfire rune.

    You can get this as early as the beginning of The Hinterlands. Take the eastern road out of the Crossroads and north slightly until you run into a human scout standing beside a fork in the road; continue past her underneath an arch and into an area called the East Road. Slightly further east, you will run across a Dalish mage fighting a Shade. Assist her, engage in conversation, and she will inform you of a potential relic hidden in the cave behind her, initiating a quest that is unrelated. At the entrance of this cave, Solas will be required to interact with a pile of rubble using  (unless you are a mage), clearing the way. Inside and to your left will be an interactive torch that requires a mage to use. Once again, switch to Solas and use  (unless you are a mage) to create a plume of Veilfire. Before using it, clear the entire area of enemies, as performing anything other than movement will cause your controlled character to drop the Veilfire torch.

    Once the area is free of hostiles, interact with the Veilfire using  again (character choice does not matter once it is lit) and walk down the stairs to the end of the cavernous structure. When facing the far wall opposite the stairs, there will be a collapsed part of the building with glowing runes on it, and as you approach, a party member will comment on how the runes are reacting to the Veilfire. Interact with the runes using  to collect a Veilfire Rune and unlock the achievement.

  • Upgrade any ability once in single-player mode.

    Near the end of the tutorial, regardless of how many enemies you fought, you will be granted enough experience points to level up your character. Spend the granted skill point wherever you wish through the Abilities menu in your Character Record and the achievement will unlock once you click  to apply.

  • Choose a specialization class.

    Once you reach Skyhold, you will be able to pursue a specialization by completing a quest given to you automatically. Each class has three choices, but only one may be taken; once chosen, it cannot be undone, so choose wisely! Make sure you do some research and pick the one you know you’ll want for the rest of the game. They are as follows:

    Warrior: Champion, Reaver, or Templar
    Rogue: Artificer, Assassin, or Tempest
    Mage: Knight Enchanter, Necromancer, or Rift Mage

    Finalize your decision and take on the new specialization to unlock the achievement.

  • Secure a mount.

    Please see "Saddled Up" for more information.

  • Trigger a cross-class combo with a character you control in single-player mode.

    In the first half hour of play, you will acquire a Mage who has Winter’s Touch already unlocked and uses it regularly during combat. Once he freezes a target, you will need to use a Detonator* ability on that mob to perform a cross-class combo. As a Rogue, Twin Fangs is an example and is unlocked from the start.

    This also works on any targets in the future that are frozen, chilled, shocked, paralyzed, panicked, or sleeping.

    *When accessing the Abilities menu, you can highlight a skill and read the synopsis to see if it is classified as a Detonator or not.

  • Harvest 50 herbs from Skyhold's garden in a single playthrough.

    One of the upgradeable locations you have in Skyhold is your Garden. As soon as you have control of Skyhold, there are two pots you may immediately begin using there, but first, you must have seeds. You will now have the ability to randomly harvest seeds from herbs you gather in the field or choose to purchase them from herbalists. By visiting your Quarters to the north of your throne, a codex entry on your desk will provide a quest called Greener Gardens. Collect the required materials and visit the garden to build a better structure, allowing six pots instead of the original two to speed up the process (do not choose the Chantry option).

    Using seeds you have collected, you may plant them in your collection of pots, and they will bear yield after you leave for a short while and come back. Collect herbs from these pots 50 times to unlock the achievement.

  • Kill a high dragon in single-player mode.

    Please see "Dragons’ Bane" for more information.

  • Purchase any new decoration element for Skyhold.

    As the story progresses, Val Royeaux will eventually be a travelable location. Once you acquire Skyhold, merchants will sell decoration elements here, on the main level in the southeastern corner (the merchant whose store is full of beds). Purchase anything he has for sale to unlock the achievement. 

  • Gain the full approval of the Orlesian court.

    To unlock this achievement, you must have your approval rating at 100/100 by the end of the Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts quest. 

    - Talk to to members of the court and make sure to say the right thing to impress them, speaking politically and whimsically
    - When wandering outside of the party to locations like the library, try to move quickly as you lose points every few seconds
    - When dancing with the Duchess, choose the middle right option every time, and say you trust the Inquisition (40-50 points can be gained here alone)
    - Throwing coins in the pool and listening to whispers while letting Leliana know also gives you approval 
    - Waiting for the second bell to be fashionably late will gain 10 points each time, but make sure not to wait until the third or you will lose 20 points 

    When the quest is near it's end, you will be presented a choice by Cullen as you re-enter the ballroom. In order to unlock the achievement, you must choose to speak with, then publicly expose, then detain, then warn the court. If this is not how you wish the quest to end, make sure you have saved before entering so you can reload and play it out how you like.

  • Land a single blow in excess of 1,000 damage in single-player mode.

    The easiest way to unlock this outside of normal character progression is to invest in a powerful offensive skill, get the upgrade for it, and do your best to provide optimal combat circumstance to capitalize on it. 

    For example, as an Archer: Stealth + Full Draw + First Blood on a debilitated enemy
    Or, as a Dual Wield Rogue: Stealth + Ambush + Twin Fangs on a debilitated enemy 

    There are a large amount of combinations for you to try out. As your level increases, so will your damage output, so don't worry about this too much. Simply deal 1,000 damage or more (criticals count) in a single attack to unlock the achievement.

  • Craft an item from Tier 4 materials in all non-masterwork slots in single-player mode.

    Choose an item with two upgrade slots to do this quickest. Once you have enough Tier 4 materials to upgrade said item, do so to unlock the achievement. This is more easily completed once you have started hunting dragons and have an abundance of their crafting materials to spare. 

    Save beforehand and load after unlocking if desired.

  • Upgrade your alchemic potions, grenades, or tonics 30 times in a single playthrough.

    Throughout your adventures in Thedas, you will come across various alchemical materials such as Elfroot and many others, mostly by keeping an eye out in the wilderness and utilizing your Search feature by pressing , as well as being able to purchase select materials from random vendors. As the game progresses, you will stockpile these ingredients (you will need hundreds), and eventually you will be able to spend them at your potions table. Keep in mind that you must discover or purchase some additional recipes as the base potions will not provide enough upgrade opportunities. 

    When farming herbs, if you travel out of the zone and travel back, the spawn nodes will have instantly refreshed themselves (does not include the garden pots in Skyhold). Simply fast traveling within the same zone will not accomplish this, so find some nodes near a camp you want to farm and go to town. Travel there, harvest the nodes, leave the zone, and travel back; lather, rinse, repeat.

    Interact with your potions table and choose to upgrade any of the three categories by spending the required resources. Do this process thirty individual times to unlock the achievement.

  • Slay 10 high dragons in single-player mode.

    - The Hinterlands (Fire, level 12): Travel to the northeastern camp and head through the tunnel just north. As you exit, the dragon will be flying above, and will land in the area just north of the dragonlings.

    - Crestwood (Electricity, level 13): South of the keep (or far south of New Crestwood) will be a shoreline. Beside the water in a vast sandy area is a desolate structure, and perched atop is the dragon. You will see it easily from a distance.

    - Western Approach (Fire, level 14): South of the southernmost camp will be an NPC named The Researcher; complete his quest line to lure the dragon out. 

    - The Exalted Plains (Electricity, level 15): In the northern part of the map (just south of Riverside Garrison), you will discover an area that triggers an operation on the War Table. Complete it, come to the area again, and the rubble will be removed. The dragon will be waiting for you on the other side (you must complete the Dark Hand puzzle to progress through to her).

    - Emerald Graves (Cold, level 17): Travel to Direstone Camp in the northeast, then proceed over the river further northeast, and when you hit the tomb, head northwest. She will be waiting for you on the northern edge in a pile of rubble.

    - The Storm Coast (Electricity, level 19): Follow the coast south (west when able) from the starting camp and you will eventually run into a Dwarven entrance that's sealed. To open this door, you need to receive and complete the quest from Cullen involving stopping Samson's smugglers and their shipments.

    Battle your way through the cave and take out a Red Lyrium Behemoth. After that battle, you will find a row boat that will take you out into the middle of the sea to Dragon Isle. You will find the dragon here. 

    - Hissing Wastes (Fire, level 20): Travel to Sand Crags Camp, and from here, you can head east towards the mountains (or northeast from the initial starting camp). On the mountainside will be two large stone figures you can pass between. She will be located beyond this path in a large open area.

    - Emprise du Lion (Cold, level 19): After completing Taking Back the Lion, you are able to take the keep just west of Tower Camp. After doing so, head to the east of Tower Camp and you will discover a bridge in disrepair. Once you have, an operation will appear on your War Table; complete it to cross the bridge. The dragon will be perched on top of the first coliseum, so make your way up to confront her.

    - Emprise du Lion (Cold, level 21): Continue past the previous dragon's coliseum on to the next to confront the second dragon.

    - Emprise du Lion (Fire, level 23): The third coliseum will have an entrance you may drop down into. If you prefer not to, you may continue past this entrance towards the bridge and take a right onto a path into the arena. The third and final dragon of the zone is located inside. 

    Please note that this achievement is very glitchy for most players. Upon killing one of the dragons, odds are it will count in game, but not on your achievement tracker. To circumvent this, reload a save before killing a dragon and repeat the process. This repeat kill will not affect anything in game, but for some reason, it tracks for a second time, enabling you to hit 10/10 and unlock the achievement.

  • Herald



    Finish the single-player campaign on at least Hard without lowering the difficulty.

    Recommended starting difficulty to get a feel for the tactical side of the game (unless you are new to the series and need to learn the ropes, in which case begin on Normal). Play through the entire single-player campaign on Hard without lowering the difficulty. You may increase it to Nightmare whenever you wish, but it will not grant you the "Inquisitor" achievement.

  • Finish the single-player campaign on Nightmare without lowering the difficulty.

    This will all come down to learning the game slowly over time and personal skill level at this kind of ARPG. Some game-breaking tips include: Making your Inquisitor a Mage and speccing into Knight Enchanter for Barrier abuse (and/or including Vivienne in your party), or making your Inquisitor a Rogue and speccing into Tempest for Thousand Cuts + Fire Flask abuse (and/or including Sera in your party). Please ask for further information in the guide's thread if required. 

  • Unlock 15 astrariums in a single playthrough.

    Throughout your adventures in Thedas, you will come across many Astrarium, displayed on the Quest Map as a star within a circular icon. Interact with each using  to begin a ‘connect the dots’ minigame. Complete the diagram by referencing the picture it displays in the bottom right hand corner of your screen without doing the same line twice, but lines can cross over each other, and it is necessary to do so for many of the puzzles. Do this at fifteen different Astrariums to unlock the achievement. 

    Some of these can be quite tricky. Keep at it, keep a level head, and don't be hesitant to hit  to restart the puzzle. You won't get many of these on your first try.

  • Spend 10 points in a single ability tree with any one single-player character.

    Each time you level up, you are granted an ability point. By opening your Character Record and accessing the Abilities tab, you may spend these points however you wish, but to obtain the achievement you must spend 10 in a single tree and then hit  to Apply. For example: Double Daggers, Spirit, or Weapon and Shield. 

    At any point in the game, you may visit your smith to purchase an amulet called The Tactician's Renewal which grants a full respec on equip. Save your game, respec, dump 10 points in any tree, and load to quickly unlock the achievement.

  • Earn 50,000 or more gold across all single-player playthroughs.

    This one is more daunting than you might think at first. Gold isn’t exactly abundant in Thedas, but luckily for you, this includes all playthroughs and is a cumulative earning, meaning it doesn’t have to be on you all at once. Sell what you don’t need, craft for further profit, and loot whenever possible. Finally earn a total of 50,000 gold to unlock the achievement. 

    There is an easy way to get this that is obviously unintended. Once you have something in your inventory worth a decent amount of gold, sell it to a vendor, use the Buy Back feature to retrieve it, and repeat the process until the achievement unlocks.

  • Enter the heart of the Solasan temple.

    On the far western section of the Orlesian side of the War Table, there will be an operation called Investigate the Shards (4 Power) which will require Josephine to be available. Use her for the operation and it will immediately open up the new area called The Forbidden Oasis. As soon as you arrive, a dwarven scout will inform you of the temple to the north and mark it on your map.

    During your travel there, don't forget to grab the Ocularums and their associated shards, as you will need all shards possible to make the full journey into the temple. The first door costs six shards, expending them and removing them from your inventory. After spending these six, another three doors present themselves: 

    A Spirit door, costing six; open it to present a second, costing twelve; open it to present the third and final, costing eighteen (36 in total on Spirit)
    A Cold door, costing six; open it to present a second, costing twelve; open it to present the third and final, costing eighteen (36 in total on Cold)
    A Fire door, costing six; open it to present a second, costing twelve; open it to present the third and final, costing eighteen (36 in total on Fire) 

    Each time you open a door and clear the area of enemies, you will be granted a permanent resistance to whichever element's door you have opened. After the third and final door, you will face a more powerful Horror of the associated element along with a contingent of guards, and once defeated, you will be granted a purple belt of resistance to that element and more permanent resistance. 

    Once all shards have been expended, the final door near the entrance of the temple will open and you will fight a Pride Demon and his minions, unlocking the achievement in the process. Loot the final chest to receive multiple purples, a permanent boost to Electricity resistance, and a lesson in pride and greed.

  • Discover a campsite and establish at least one Inquisition camp in 10 wilderness areas.

    Throughout your adventures in Thedas, you will find many campsites scattered across the wilderness, displayed on the Quest Map as a tent icon. Across 10 different areas (for example, the first area you come across is The Hinterlands), you must approach one of these areas, target the interactive marker in the center of the camp, and press  to establish a camp there. Do this at least once in all 10 wilderness areas (NOT just 10 camps total!) to unlock the achievement. 

  • Liberate three keeps in a single playthrough.

    Throughout your adventures in Thedas, you will come across large fortified structures known as keeps. Once through the front door, there will be many combat situations, so make sure you're well stocked beforehand. The miniature adventure will culminate at the top of the keep in a larger scale fight with harder foes. Defeat them all, then interact with the flagpole using  to raise a flag for the Inquisition. 

    Your keeps will then serve as a more robust and functioning base of operations in the area. You may rest, equip potions, fill requisitions, and do what you normally can at a camp, but there will also be crafting and upgrade tables for use, as well as one or more merchants.

    The three locations are:
    - Western Approach: On the western side, just to the west of the gaseous area.
    - Crestwood: The mayor of New Crestwood will provide the quest to liberate this keep in the southwest.
    - Emprise du Lion: West from the tower camp after completing the quest Taking Back the Lion.

  • Complete 50 missions or operations in a single playthrough.

    On your War Table (the interactive map laid out in the room where you gather all of your advisors), there will be locations you can select with multiple choices available for each one, some as missions and others as operations. The first example you will see of an operation is when you are tasked to have Leliana’s spies scout out The Hinterlands in advance of your arrival. Don’t worry if this seems like a lot, because there are over 300 available in total on the War Table, so you will eventually get this without trouble by simply progressing the game. 

    Keep in mind that most of these tasks take a certain amount of time to be carried out, all in real time, and the amount differs on which advisor you select to carry it out. Do the quick ones while carrying out your business in Haven, do moderate ones while out adventuring, and queue up the long ones before you exit the game; they will continue to complete even if you are logged out.

  • Regal



    Completely upgrade one throne.

    During any point in the story after having acquired Skyhold, you will uncover operations on the War Table that reward either coin, resources, or both. A throne accessory is randomly a reward on these operations and you'll have to roll the dice to get them, requiring two in total to be considered "completely upgraded." Keep running them until you are given your upgrades to unlock the achievement.

  • Acquire 10 Inquisition agents in a single playthrough.

    Throughout your adventures in Thedas, you will come across many potential Inquisition agents, most often as random quest givers or receivers. Until you perform the task associated with them, they will act as a regular NPC. Complete their task, however, and dialogue will open up with the option of asking them to join the Inquisition. Do so 10 times (and succeed, as some may decline) to unlock the achievement. 

    Side note: The occasional NPC unrelated to a quest will sometimes be available for recruitment. To make sure you are inflating your ranks to the utmost potential, speak to everyone you can, and always exhaust all potential conversation options.

    A list of all possible agents:

    Barter by Belle
    Enchanter Ellendra
    Lord Berand
    Speaker Anais
    Sky Watcher
    Alexius - A Magister in Disgrace
    Blades of Hessarian
    Corporal Vale
    Ser Barris 
    Michel De Chevin 
    Horsemaster Dennet 

  • Reach level 20 in single-player mode.

    If you go out of your way to complete all of the areas, do all the other achievements, and spend time collecting every codex entry you see, this will come naturally. Some tips for quicker progression: 

    - Purchase the four Inquisition perks that increase experience gained from codex entries. By doing so, you raise the gain from 50 xp to 150 xp, a staggering increase for the amount of codex entries you will find while playing. Unlock these early. 

    - Purchase the Inquisition perk in Cullen's tree to gain +5% experience from killing enemies. 

    - Purchase the Inquisition perk in Leliana's tree to gain +50% retroactive experience on all research items turned in. 

    Please note that some players have encountered a glitch with this achievement. If you are controlling a character other than your own when they reach level 20, it is possible that the achievement will not unlock. For guaranteed results, please make sure to have control of your PC when leveling up to 20. 

  • Level up the Inquisition to rank 10.

    Throughout your adventures in Thedas, you will perform many acts that level up the Inquisition, such as (but not limited to) sealing Rifts, setting up camps, recruiting agents, etc. Level progress is displayed on the bottom of your screen as a blue/green bar each time you gain experience for the Inquisition. As you progress the game, this will come naturally, so don’t worry about attempting to grind it unless you aren’t a fan of exploring. If you wish to grind it out, focus on going from objective to objective quickly and then moving on. Reach rank 10 to unlock the achievement.

  • Become friends with at least three of your inner circle in one playthrough.

    There will be many opportunities for dialogue, including your downtime back at the Inquisition camp. During many conversations, choosing certain options will cause either a great approval, approval, slight approval, slight disapproval, disapproval, or great disapproval with one or more companions involved in the discussion. To make this easier on yourself, try to fill your party with members whose morality align with yours so group conversations turn out more favorable.

    During private dialogues, even if it’s not necessarily what you would normally say, consider being diplomatic and responding the way you think they would want you to. The approval rating is often more valuable than saying what’s on your mind and getting a disapproval in response.

    Once you have garnished enough approval rating with your companions, their personal quests will become available, requiring you to journey with them on a certain objective. Complete at least three of these, and then approach Varric for a cutscene. Progress through it however you like to unlock the achievement.

  • Collect 250 codex entries in a single playthrough.

    You will come across many ways of discovering a codex entry, including (but not limited to): interacting with notes, reading books, extracting information through conversation, exploring, etc. Once a codex entry has been unlocked, you will receive a notification in the bottom left side of your screen. As there are a large abundance of codex entries to be found, going out of your way for this is not necessary; simply interact with everything available and choose to extract information from as many conversations as possible. This will easily come with time. You must collect 250 of these entries to unlock the achievement.

  • Defeat 1,000 demons in single-player mode.

    You will regularly encounter what are called rifts, especially if you are planning on unlocking the "Marked for Greatness" achievement detailed further down this guide. Around these rifts, as well as in random locations (like the Fade), you will find many demons. Defeat a total of 1,000 demons to unlock the achievement (these kills also count towards your progress of "Invincible").

  • Defeat 2,500 enemies in single-player mode.

    You will regularly encounter enemies and participate in all manners of combat. Keep an eye open for opportunities to fight and defeat a total of 2,500 enemies to unlock this achievement. 

    There will be many areas where monster spawns are large, in excess of 5-6 mobs at once. If you clear the area, leave, and come back shortly, the mobs will have respawned. Do this in areas you feel are worth it to quickly rack up the kills, but do not grind this out until you have completed everything else first. There will always be enemies to fight while doing other achievements.

  • Complete 20 requisition requests in a single playthrough.

    Throughout your adventures in Thedas, both your Quartermaster and Requisition Officers will offer you quests in the form of these requisitions either in the wilderness or back at camp, asking that you find certain items or stake out particular areas for the Inquisition. Complete 20 of these tasks to unlock the achievement.

  • Seal 75 rifts in a single playthrough.

    You will come across rifts quite regularly, marked as the same icon displayed when an autosave occurs. For a seal to occur, you must first defeat all demons in and around the immediate area. During the fight, you may target the rift and press  to disrupt it multiple times, stunning the demons you are engaged with and making the fight somewhat easier. Once all the demons are defeated, target the rift and press  again. Your Herald will dispose of the rift with their mark of Andraste. Seal a total of 75 rifts to unlock the achievement.

    There are more than 75 rifts in the game. Keep an eye open in every area while you progress other achievement requirements.

DLC: Jaws of Hakkon

There are 4 achievements with a total of 165 points

  • Destroy all the Winter Shards and light all the fires in the Old Temple.

  • Impress the Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold and gain their friendship.

  • Uncover the secrets of a legendary figure.

  • Dispel a myth of ancient days.

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