Recruiter Achievement

  • Recruiter



    Across all playthroughs, recruited all party members

    The party members that you have to recruit are: Alistair (Ostagar), Morrigan (Kocari Wilds), Leliana (Lothering), Sten (Lothering), "Dog" (Human Noble origin and in Ostagar), Zevran (encounter after Redcliffe), Oghren (Orzammar), Wynne (Mage's Circle Tower), and Loghain (after "The Landsmeet"). Be aware, if you accept Loghain into your party, then Alistair will leave it forever.

    Shale is not be required for this. If you have the "Stone's Prisoner" DLC, recruit him anyway because he's extremely valuable.

  • The character member I didn't figure out was Loghain, you can recruit him during the lands meet - but Alistair leaves your party.

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