Wine, Woman, and Song Achievement

  • Wine, Woman, and Song



    Experienced the thrill of romance with Leliana

    You can be either female or male to complete this romance. Leliana is found in Lothering. She'll be in the town's pub. Be very nice to her and you'll gain a lot of points quickly. Talk to her about her past. Always be nice to her and compliment her. You'll need to have the romance meter all the way to 100 to complete it with Leliana. See "Hopelessly Romantic" for more details.

    Andraste's Grace (Redcliffe Village, West Brecilian Forest, or Eleven Alienage in Denerim)
    Bronze Symbol of Andraste (Lothering)
    Chantry Amulet (Circle Tower)
    Etched Silver Symbol (Ortan Thaig)
    Golden Symbol of Andraste (Orzammar Commons)
    Nug (Orzammar Dust Town) *Note: Leliana has to see one. Then head to Dust Town and ask the Idle Dwarf to catch one.
    Silver Sword of Mercy (Old Tegrin, he's a Dwarven merchant you'll meet in a random encounter)
    Steel Symbol of Andraste (Brother Genitivi's Home in Denerim Market)


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