First Knight Achievement

  • First Knight



    Experienced the thrill of romance with Alistair

    You'll need to be a female character to complete this romance. Alistair will join your party shortly after you enter Ostagar. Speak to him every chance you get in the Party's Camp and do every speech option. Flirt with him. Talk about love with him. You can boss him around a bit, just don't mock him. Ask him about his past as a Templar. See "Hopelessly Romantic" for more details.

    Alistair's Mother's Amulet (Castle Redcliffe)
    Black Runestone (Aeducan Thaig in the Deep Roads)
    Duncan's Sheild (Market Warehouse in Denerim)
    Onyx Demon Statuette (East Brecilian Forest)
    Small Carved Statuette (Lothering)
    Stone Dragon Statuette (Castle Redcliffe)
    Stone Warrior Statuette (Haven Caverns)
    White Runestone (Circle Tower, Third Floor)


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