Witch Gone Wild Achievement

  • Witch Gone Wild



    Experienced the thrill of romance with Morrigan

    You have to be a male character to complete this romance. Morrigan will join your party after completing Ostagar. Be kind of a prick to other people to gain points with her. Have conversations with her about her past in the Party Camp. Don't get her romance level up too high. Morrigan is interested in flings. She doesn't want to be in love. See "Hopelessly Romantic" for more details.


    • Black Grimoire (Circle Tower)
    • Flemeth's Grimoire (Flemeth's Hut)
    • Gold Amulet (Orzammar Commons)
    • Golden Demon Pendant (Room with the Urn of Sacred Ashes)
    • Golden Mirror (Orzammar Commongs) *Definitely get this one. Thanks to FooDawg for the tip.
    • Golden Rope Necklace (Lothering)
    • Locket (Haven)
    • Silver Brooch (Dalish Camp)
    • Silver Chain (Circle Tower)
    • Silver Medallion (Eleven Ruins)
    • Tribal Necklace (Tower of Ishal)
  • Anyone has tips on this one? I seem to have a hard time to seal the deal.

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