Tinkerer Achievement

  • Tinkerer



    Crafted an item

    Open your radial menu with the  button and select "Potions" or "Poisons and Traps" and push . If you selected "Potions", select "Herbalism" and if you selected "Poisons and Traps", select "Poison-Making". If you have the necessary materials, you'll be able to craft an item here. You'll find the materials scattered throughout Fereldan. Search bodies and plants for the materials. You'll find some for sale from merchants as well.

    Below are the potions, poisons, and traps you can make with the first level skill. As you move to Improved, Expert, and Master, more recipes become available. These are the easiest though. Be aware that you'll have to buy flasks from merchants.

    Lesser Health Poultice: 1 Elfroot, 1 Flask
    Lesser Lyrium Potion: 1 Lyrium Dust, 1 Flask
    Mabari Crunch: 1 Elfroot, 1 Deep Mushroom

    Venom: 1 Toxin Extract, 1 Flask
    Deathroot Extract: 1 Deathroot, 1 Flask

    Rope Trap: 1 Trap Trigger
    Small Caltrop Trap: 1 Metal Shard
    Small Claw Trap: 1 Metal Shard, 1 Trap Trigger
    Small Shrapnel Trap: 1 Metal Shard, 1 Trap Trigger


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