Heavy Hitter Achievement in Dragon Age: Origins

  • Heavy Hitter



    Main character inflicted 250 damage with a single hit

  • How to unlock Heavy Hitter

    As a Warrior and have a high strength and willpower. Get a two-handed weapon with runes on it to increase the damage you inflict. Have your party mates cast buffing spells on you. Use the Berserker skill “Final Blow”. Make sure you stamina bar is full as well.

    As a Rogue, max out your Archery talents, especially the Pinning Shot line. Get to Arrow of Slaying as soon as you can. Use that talent in a fight and you'll easily do over 500 damage.

    As a Mage, use Walking Virulent Bomb or Mana Clash on another Mage. Combining Spell Wisp, Spell Might, a high magic attribute, and two items that increases damage works as well (thanks to AstralBlades for that tip).

    This needs to be done against one, single enemy. There have been quite a few times where I've damaged multiple opponents with my Mage or Rogue with damage well over 250. Remember, it's a single hit, not a single attack. You also need to do this with your main character. No switching to Shale. It won't count.

  • This was one achievement that I was really having difficulty with. I was close to giving up completely on it. However, when playing Awakening, during the final fight with "The Mother", I used one of the abilities/power-ups granted by those towers... One of which was for a great wave/ball of fire to be unleashed in the area you were in... I used that move, and then received this "Heavy Hitter" achievement... So, for anyone who has Awakening, this method should work, if you haven't yet achieved it.
  • I also had a hard time with this until Awakening. If you're playing a Rogue not heavy in archery, grab the ability "Heartseeker", get an Alpha or some other type of "leader" class down to about 25% health, and use the move. Most times it's instant kill and anywhere from 250 to 400 damage.
  • Or you can use a glitch(I won't say what it is) and then use any skill in the game and you'll have this achievement in less than an hour.
  • Finally got as a level 32 dual wielding rogue near the end of awakening as soon as I got Shadow Striking with the Shadow specialization.
  • The easiest way i found was to have a warrior and learn the move peons plight which does between 250 and 400 damage, i did this when i was level 22 but i think you need the awakening expansion/add-on to be able to learn this. hope it helps!!
  • if you are a warrior get peon's plight and use it on any enemy that is elite or lower and it will kill them in one hit while doing 300 damage and up
  • Another way to get the achievement is to play Awakening, surround yourself with enemies, and use Dworkin's High Explosive (Best to play on Casual or Normal if you try that method).
  • It must be on one enemy dekuboy. Not one move, one hit. If one move hits 2 people for 200 each, doesnt pop.
  • Easiest done with a new character on awakening. Rogue archer, 60 dex and 20 willpower and all 3 sections of the archery tree maxed out. Just apply the marksmanship buffs as soon as the game starts. I shot 1 arrow of slaying on the first mob that critted for 398 damage and the achievement popped straight away. (just spent 2 days playing origins normal and couldn't get the fecker to pop, closest I got to the 250 mark was with my 2h warrior and that was about 200-ish.)
  • 2nd shot was another 398 too so seems to be consistant. I just noticed on origins normal that Leliana was popping 400 shots with marjolaine's bow near the end.
  • Am I the only person who didn't use Awakening to get this lol? I used a rogue and used coupe de grace or Critical Strike on the archery branch.. can't remember which one I did...
  • @11 I second that.. i got this with a level 10 rogue with the archery critical strike.. 291 damage.. definitely the easiest way to go to get this one
  • I did up to 680 dmg with my dext based warrior (lvl 18) in the lost in fade part of broken circle with arrow of slaying. But basically kill anything which will give you low xp with a strong blow (final blow, arrow of slaying, heart seeker...).
  • If you are a mage, this is pretty easy to do if you have Mana Clash. Mana Clash takes all a foes mana and turns it into damage against them. Use it against a high level magic user before they get a chance to use many spells and you will do made damage :)
  • *mad damage that is...
  • I got this achievement using a mage. Use a powerful spell like fireball on a large group of enemies. Since it is only 1 talent, it still counts.
  • I got this achievement by accident in Awakenings. I used Warcry and popped. As long as you carry over you character from Origins, by Awakenings you should be powerful enough to get this pretty easily.
  • I also did this in the final battle with the Mother in Awakenings, using the Tower of Fire.
  • I got it with my 17 mage during the Broodmother fight for A Paragon of Her Kind quest. Total spell power was at 92 with +15% to spirit damage. Casted Sleep and then Horror on a little Genlock and hit him for 268. Hopes this helps.
  • I used Mana Clash on a few mages and it instantly killed them both and gave me the achievement. That spell is extremely useful.
  • I found this easy, my Warrior was a Champion and a Beserker with 33 strength and a weapon with three runes on it, make your warrior learn Peon's Plight and use it on a normal enemy
  • I got this in Leliana's song on the off duty soldiers with arrow of slaying had nothing special equipped and they took 360 damage.
  • I got this as a rogue.
  • If you don't have the patch then start a game as a rogue. Complete your origin story and get to the part when Duncan asks you to collect 3 vials of Darkspawn blood and Grey Warden treaties. Get the blood and return to Duncan. There is a glitch that will get you unlimited Ex. Just keep talking to him till about Lv.15. Make sure you get the Arrow of Slaying skill then kill a Darkspawn. This Method is also effective to get all 3 of the Lv. 20 achievements.
  • To: JOHNTHERIPPER05: It's all here. Since you don't have awakening though, make a two-handed warrior with a lot of strength or a duel-wielding rogue with about 30 strength. If you can't do that find the leveling glitch on youtube(I would reccomend against doing it b/cuz i did it myself once and I hated it). Or use somdething like the arrow of slaying if you're a bowman. I don't think this one is possible with a mage.
  • Thanks Negamerf i got it now by using Arrow of Slaying with 40 something strength and i did at least 1000+ damage i recommend a high strength and use Arrow or Slaying for those like me don't have Awakening or anything else and whoever did the 3000+ damage i'm going to break that record and try for 4000 damage just u wait HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLMAOROFL
  • trying for it using the final blow way just asking what buffs i should use?
  • Played a mage all the way through the main game and didn't get this one. Took that character into Awakenings, and the first time I cast the battlemage spell "Hand of Winter," I got it. That spell is amazing. (Granted, my Magic stat was at about 100. You should work hard to beef that up, mages!) I then respecced my guy with a Manual of Focus, and the next time I hit a spellcaster with Mana Clash, I did like 2300 points on him. That would have also done the trick.
  • thanks, guys
  • I've gotten this achievement two different ways. (different systems/accounts)... The first time i got this was at the final battle with the arch demon... I was playing a mage and had virulent bomb.. The one that infects others when it blows up, so multiple targets exploded and caused a LOT of damage. Second time was with a warrior and I waited until I was playing Awakenings and used Peon's Plight. Awesome ability btw.. even if not going for the achievement, definitely get that ability its pretty cool =)
  • Easy with arrow of slaying
  • A Dual-Wielding Rogue is probably the easiest way to get the achievement thanks to the Heartstriker ability should you imported your Rogue character from Origins.
  • I've been having difficulty with this one. i'll have to try some of the tips posted here.
  • Very easy if you max out the archer stats and then use any bow over attack of 9
  • This was pretty easy
  • You can also get the achievement is if you play Awakening, surround yourself with enemies, and use Dworkin's High Explosive when SPOILER!!!! Defending the vigils keep close to the end of the game...
  • I actually got this while playing awakening, and i switched to another party member in combat, and it just popped about 30 seconds later.

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