- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 39 [790]
- Online: 11 [210]
- Approximate amount of time to 100050-250 Hours (Relies heavily on luck).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Story and many repeats of parallel quests. Some multiplayer as well.
- Number of missable achievements: None.
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty.
- Glitchy achievements: None.
- Extra Equipment Needed: None

Dragon Ball Xenoverse brings players back into the world of Dragon Ball, this time allowing to defend against time altering villains as their own created characters; Majin, Frieza, Human, Namekian, or Saiyan. One part fighting game, two parts RPG, players can level their created character's skills however they see fit; enhancing their ki blast skills, strength, health pool, or a bit of everything, while also choosing what skills fit their character best. As they progress through each subsequent Saga, and complete side quests, players unlock new skills to use, more experience to enhance their characters, and more classic Dragon Ball characters that they can play in non-Story mode missions. With a massive selection of well over 100 skills, nearly 50 unique characters, many of which with multiple unique outfit, power and skill combinations, achievement hunters can enjoy the game in countless different ways, while seeking the maximum gamerscore. Which is great, because that 100% will likely take quite a while.

Story Mode:

  • Save history and the future--save everything!

Story Mode pits players against villains old and new across numerous Dragon Ball Z sagas taken from both the show and some of the movies. A new enemy has appeared with the ability to alter time, and shift events against the mighty heroes of Dragon Ball Z, and you have been summoned by Trunks (Future Trunks, that is) to travel through time to assist, and often save heroes as they come to a breaking point. Each saga has its own associated achievement, including a secret saga that appears after the credits roll the first time, and each saga becomes progressively more difficult, potentially requiring players to take time off to level up in parallel quests, or to train with the various master characters in the game. 

All achievement-related unlocks in the story come naturally; including fighting arenas/maps, new characters and skins, and of course the saga completion unlocks. 

Parallel Quests:

  • Complete all Parallel Quests (most, but not all, unlock naturally).
  • Gain Experience to reach level 80.
  • Gain character variations/skins, ultimate attacks, super attacks and better equipment.

Parallel quests, or PQs, are less significant alterations in the timeline that have been made, or sometimes quests where allies in Tokitoki city (the main quest hub) have asked your character to join them in combat. The quests will be your primary source for: experience points - if you hit a wall in story mode, do some PQs to level up, super and ultimate skills - unlocking cool abilities like a boss, new character skins for classic characters, dragon balls for summoning Shenron - dropped by unique enemies found in certain PQs, and finally a unique set of items required to start the secret story saga. 

Unlike story mode, PQs can be done solo or in a group of either AI or human players, allowing you to cut through your enemies quicker, or to kick back with some friends. 

Competitive Multiplayer:

  • Take part in, win, and observe 7 Endless matches.
  • Send and receive Gifts.
  • Favorite another player.

On top of multiplayer parallel quests, you also have the option to fight against other players in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 combat by speaking with the Online Battle droids in the Time Machine Station section of Tokitoki City. In terms of achievements, you can gain a majority of them by winning 7 matches in endless mode, as they count as games participated in, and won for both Endless mode and normal combat scenarios. You also have the option to watch players during these battles, for yet another achievement.

As you interact with players, you will get the chance to favorite them so you can find them easier in the future, and also send or receive gifts from them by using the Time Space Delivery system in Plaza of Time.

Clean Up:

  • Max training with all Masters (ALWAYS have a master).
  • Gather all Dragon Balls 7+ times.
  • Farm remaining Super/Ultimate Attacks and any missing character skins from PQs.

After reaching level 80, completing the story, and all parallel quests, you will likely need to dive into farming for Dragon Balls for the achievements related to gathering the Dragon Balls, and summoning Shenron, which also tie into the super, ultimate, and character collection achievements. These Dragon Balls can be found in a number of parallel quests, and they have a chance to drop from Patroller NPCs that appear in those PQs. You will also need to take this time to finish training with all masters, which thankfully pairs very well with endlessly farming PQs, which you will also need to do to gather any remaining Ultimate and Super Attacks you need to get from both PQs and Master Training.

[XBA would like to thank KillerBEA and Shiftie for this Roadmap]

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Obtained all achievements!

    Unlock all of the other achievements for this final, 0 achievement.

  • Cleared the prologue!

    See “Strong Rival, Strong Hero!

    Historic Fight

  • Cleared the Saiyan Saga!

    See “Strong Rival, Strong Hero!

    Trunks Test!
    Invasion of Earth! Saiyan Warrior Raditz!

  • Cleared the Return of the Saiyans Saga!

    See “Strong Rival, Strong Hero!

    Infestation! Saibamen Scourge
    Arrival of the Saiyan Warriors
    Power x10! Vegeta Transforms
    Prince's Pride! Limit Battle

  • Cleared the Ginyu Force Saga!

    See “Strong Rival, Strong Hero!

    Those Weird Guys! Ginyu Force
    Goku Clashes with Ginyu Force
    Spaceship Sneak Mission as Ginyu
    Take Back History and Your Body
    Discovered! History Invaders

  • Cleared the Frieza Saga!

    See “Strong Rival, Strong Hero!

    Emperor Frieza!
    Finally! Raging Super Saiyan
    Final Battle! Full Power

  • Cleared the Cell Saga!

    See “Strong Rival, Strong Hero!

    Do Not Let Hercule Die
    Hercule's Fight! Out of the Way
    Immortal Hercule at Cell Games
    Rage Gohan! Villainous Cell Jr.
    Warriors from the Future, Mira!
    Don't Lose Gohan! Perfect Cell

  • Cleared the Android Saga!

    See “Strong Rival, Strong Hero!

    The Cruel Androids of the Future
    Cell is Here?! Save Trunks!

  • Cleared the Majin Buu Saga!

    See “Strong Rival, Strong Hero!

    Mira's Full Power! I'm the Best!
    Buu Buu! Majin Buu
    True Enemy! Hypnotized Piccolo
    Ta-dah! Majin Buu is here
    Endure it! Majin Buu's Barrage
    Attain the Future! Grand Battle

  • Cleared the God of Destruction Beerus Saga!

    See “Strong Rival, Strong Hero!

    Powerful God of Destruction Beerus
    Demigra's Plot?! Stop Beerus
    Team with Beerus! End of Demigra!
    Time for a Test! Beerus and Whis!

  • Completed training with Goku!

    Goku will start to appear in TokiToki city upon reaching character level 70.

    • Quest 1 – Defeat Goku
      Reward: After Image Strike
    • Quest 2 – Defeat Goku
      Reward: Spirit Bomb
    • Quest 3 – Bring Goku a Sensu Essence Capsule, purchasable from the item shop for 3,000 zeni.
      Reward: “I’m All Psyched Up Now” Z-Soul
    • Quest 4 – Beat up Gohan + Goten
      Reward: x10 Kamehameha
    • Quest 5 – Defeat Goku
      Reward: Super Kamehameha
  • Completed training with Piccolo!

    Beat the first half of the Saiyan Saga and reach level 5.

    • Quest 1 – Defeat Piccolo
      Reward: Evil Explosion
    • Quest 2 – Defeat Piccolo with Evil Explosion
      Reward: Super Explosion Wave
    • Quest 3 – Bring Piccolo an All Energy Capsule S, which the item shop sells for 800 zeni.
      Reward: “I’ll make you a fine demon!!” Z-soul
    • Quest 4 – Defeat Piccolo with Light Grenade
      Reward: Special Beam Cannon
  • Completed training with Krillin!

    Beat the first half of the Saiyan Saga and reach level 5.

    • Quest 1 – Defeat Krillin
      Reward: Orin Combo
    • Quest 2 – Martial Art Mix
      Reward: Destructo Disc
    • Quest 3 – Smash! Orin Combo!
      Reward: Spread Shot Retreat
    • Quest 4 – Defeat Krillin with Destructo Disc
      Reward: Scatter Kamehameha
  • Completed training with Vegeta!

    Beat the Saiyan Saga and reach level 8. As a Ki-focused fighter, I found Vegeta’s skills and Z-soul to be fantastic for demolishing my opponents, so I highly recommend getting this done asap if you like shooting laser beams.

    • Quest 1 – Defeat Vegeta
      Reward: Galick Gun
    • Quest 2 – Defeat Vegeta with Galick Gun
      Reward: Finish Breaker
    • Quest 3 – Bring Vegeta the Z-Soul “I’m the Strongest on Earth!”
      >Parallel Quest 5: Defeat ALL Saibamen before anyone else, defeat Nappa and Raditz. Head to the next zone and defeat Vegeta. You will then have the chance of seeing Nappa and Raditz coming to the rescue, allowing Vegeta to recover. Defeat all three a final time.
      Reward: “I’m a Super Elite” Z-soul
    • Quest 4 – Defeat Super Saiyan Vegeta while at low HP
      Reward: Shine Shot
    • Quest 5 - Defeat Vegeta as he ascends to Super Saiyan 2
      Reward: Final Flash
  • Completed training with Gohan and Videl!

    Beat the Buu Saga and reach level 40.

    • Quest 1 - Beat up Videl
      Reward: Eagle Kick
    • Quest 2 - Reduce Gohan's Health
      Reward: Ki Blast Cannon
    • Quest 3 --I...I'm Okay- z soul
      Reward: "You Got an Ally of Justice in Hercule City" Z-Soul
    • Quest 4 - Defeat All Enemies (Frieza Lackies)
      Reward: Hawk Charge
    • Quest 5 - Reduce Videl's Health
      Reward: Justice Combination
  • Completed training with Ginyu!

    Beat the first half of the Frieza Saga and reach level 15 to make Ginyu appear.

    • Quest 1 – Pass the Ginyu Force entry "exam"
      Reward: Fighting Pose F
    • Quest 2 – You, Ginyu and Guldo must defeat Recoome, Jeice and Burter.
      Reward: Fighting Pose A
    • Quest 3 – Defeat Jeice, Burter and Ginyu
      Reward: MilkyCannon
      *They are really fast, so focus on melee and short range ki blasts
    • Quest 4 – Defeat the entire Ginyu Force
      Reward: Body Change
  • Completed training with Frieza!

    Beat the Frieza Saga, finish training with Master Ginyu, and reach level 20.

    • Quest 1 - Interview Test, Frieza Style
      Reward: Death Beam
    • Quest 2 - Fight Smart
      Reward: Death Crasher
    • Quest 3 - Visit by Ginyu Force!
      Reward: Emperor's Sign
    • Quest 4 - Right- hand man
      Reward: Supernova and "My power is 530,000" Z-Soul
  • Completed training with #18!

    Beat the Androids Saga and reach level 34.

    • Quest 1 - Defeat Android 18
      Reward: Power Blitz
    • Quest 2 - Defeat 18 with Power Blitz
      Reward: Endless Shoot
    • Quest 3 - Beat 18 OR Krillin
      Reward: Deadly Dance
    • Quest 4 - Defeat 18 with Deadly Dance
      Reward: Dual Destructo-Disc and "17 and I are twins!" Z-Soul
  • Completed training with Cell!

    Beat the Cell Saga and reach level 30.

    • Quest 1 – Defeat Cell
      Reward: All Clear
    • Quest 2 – Defeat 3 Cell jr.
      Reward: Gravity Impact
    • Quest 3 – Defeat Cell with Gravity Impact.
      Reward: Perfect Shot
    • Quest 4 – Defeat Cell
      Reward: Perfect Kamehameha
  • Completed training with Hercule!

    Beat the first half of the Cell Saga.

    • Quest 1 – Defeat Hercule
      Reward: Dynamite Kick
    • Quest 2 – Defeat Goten or Trunks
      Reward: Present for You
    • Quest 3 – Defeat Hercule or Buu
      Reward: Rolling Hercule Punch
    • Quest 4 – Beat Hercule with Rolling Hercule Punch.
      Reward: The Savior Has Come
  • Completed training with Gotenks!

    Beat the Buu Saga and reach level 40.

    • Quest 1 - Become Gotenks' Apprentice
      Reward: Galactic Donuts
    • Quest 2 - I'm Strong
      Reward 2: DIE DIE Missle Barrage
    • Quest 3 - Ultra Super Ultimate Move
      Reward 3: Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
    • Quest 4 - Mastery
      Reward: Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
  • Completed training with Beerus!

    Finish your training with Goku to unlock... haven't seen him yet, might spawn in a special location?

    • Quest 1 - Reduce Beerus' health to a certain amount.
      Reward: Earn the skill Headshot.
    • Quest 2 - Reduce Super Sayian God Goku's health to a certain amount.
      Reward: Nothing
    • Quest 3 - Reduce Beerus' health to a certain amount (you fight Whis first then he will join in).
      Reward 3: God of Destruction's Anger
    • Quest 4 - Reduce Berrus' health to a certain health.
      Reward: Sphere of Destruction
  • Obtained your first Dragon Ball!

    See “The Best Miracle of the World.

  • Found Two-Star Ball!

    See “The Best Miracle of the World.

  • Found Four-Star Ball!

    See “The Best Miracle of the World.

  • Gathered 7 Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron!

    Dragon Balls are rare loot that are dropped by other patrollers, whether they are randomly generated enemies simply called “Patroller,” or player created characters that sort of invade your game to fight you, they all have a chance of dropping a random dragon ball. These patrollers can appear in a good chunk of the parallel quests, appearing sometimes as NPCs that you can talk to and challenge to a fight after you clear an area, and other times flat out attacking you after you clear out an area. One thing to be aware of when facing these guys is to press  to use your scanner and verify what level they are – and this is especially true for the NPC-type patrollers that you talk to in order to initiate combat, as they can be anywhere from level 5 to level 80.

    With all of that being said, I have found that by far the best method to farming Dragon Balls is in Parallel Quest 15, where you fight Frieza on a dying Namek. You will need to be pretty powerful in order to defeat Frieza fast enough to POSSIBLY have a patroller spawn after he dies. Of course even once the patroller spawns, and you defeat them, you only have another, even smaller chance, that they will actually drop a dragon ball. Thankfully, this whole quest only takes about 2 minutes to do, so it has some pretty quick turnaround.

    You can check your item inventory in your bag to see how many dragon balls you have collected, and once you have collected all seven you are able to summon Shenron at his pedestal in Plaza of Time. 

    Upon summoning him, you will have to select from the following options:

    • I Want Money - Rewards 500k Zeni, repeatable
    • I Want a Rare Item - Rewards Power Pole accessory, repeatable
    • I Want to Look Stylish - Rewards one piece of Journey to the West Equipment, repeatable for whole set and accessory
    • I Want to Be Stronger - Rewards soul resonance apparatus x5 and Soul spreading synthetic device x3
    • I Want to Grow - Grants the xp required to reach the next level, repeatable
    • I Want to a new Ultimate Attack - Rewards 1st Time: Blitz Hell Ball, 2nd Time: Minus Energy Ball
    • I Want a new Super Attack - Rewards 1st Time: Flash Bomber, Drain Field, and Thunder Eraser, 2nd Time: Dragon Flash Bullet, Whirlwind Blade, and the Lullaby Punch
    • I Want More Characters - Rewards 1st Time: Gogeta (Super Saiyan 4), 2nd Time: Super 17, 3rd Time: Omega Shenron
    • I Want a Second Chance at Life! - Reset attributes so you can reassign them, repeatable.
    • I Want to Drop-dead Gorgeous - Can recreate you character (aside from a name change), repeatable.

  • Unlocked all characters and variations!

    A vast majority of characters will be unlocked naturally through story play, generally as you encounter them in the story, and many of the variations unlock in the same fashion as you do story and parallel quests. Upon completing the story and all PQs you will have three remaining character slots (pre-DLC), and all three are unlocked via the collection of all 7 dragon balls and making a wish to Shenron for a new characters. Do that a total of three times to unlock the last three characters.

  • Went to all stages!

    There are a total of 21 stages that are unlocked as you battle on them in parallel and story mode quests. All of them are unlocked through natural progression, with the final one unlocking during the secret saga.

    To see what stages you have unlocked, you can go to the offline battle NPC and start a 1v1 game and check the stage select after character selection.

    • World Tournament Stage
    • Pod Landing
    • Planet Namek
    • Cell Games Arena
    • West City (Suburbs)
    • Kami's Lookout
    • Space (Earth)
    • Space (Planet Vegeta)
    • King Kai's World
    • West City (Industrial Sector)
    • Destroyed Cell Games Arena
    • Destroyed Planet Namek
    • Mountains
    • Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    • Wasteland
    • Mountains (Night)
    • Open Field
    • Sky
    • Capsule Corporation
    • Underground Lake
    • Glacier
  • Played Online Battles for the first time!

    See “Online Champion.

  • Played Online Battles 7 times!

    See “Online Champion.

  • Won online 7 times!

    See “Online Champion.

  • Added a Time Patroller to your Favorites List!

    To add a time patroller to your friends list, you have a number of options. Most of them can be found through the player lists in the  menus that show recent players, nearby players, etc. If you open a players profile you will see that you have the option to favorite them, which allows you to easily find them when they aren’t in your area, or are no longer a recent player.

  • See “I Got a Present for ya!

  • Received a "Present!"

    Presents can be sent from the Time Space Delivery NPCs in the Plaza of Time area, and you can gift pretty much every purchasable item (so no skills) to your favorite players, nearby players, and people you have recently played with. 

  • Cleared 1 Parallel Quest!

    See “Memories Buried in Time.

  • Cleared 7 Parallel Quests!

    See “Memories Buried in Time.

  • Parallel Quest completion rate is over 50%!

    See “Memories Buried in Time.

  • Parallel Quest completion rate is over 80%!

    See “Memories Buried in Time.

  • Cleared all Parallel Quests!

    Parallel quests are your primary source of experience, items, money, and skills, and you will unlock most of them naturally as you progress through the game. Some exceptions will pop up as you start to find characters around TokiToki City that will give you a PQ that you must first finish solo, before adding it to your quest list.

    Most parallel quests automatically unlock as you progress through the Story, with some exceptions:

    • PQ 6 - Talk to Nappa
    • PQ 11 - Talk to Guldo
    • PQ 15 - Help Kid Gohan (After beating Frieza)
    • PQ 19 - Super Saiyan Gohan (Mid Cell Saga)
    • PQ 21 - Just beat PQ 20
    • PQ 26 - Android 17 (Near Time Machines, Time Machine Station)
    • PQ 32 - Goten (Market)
    • PQ 40 - Majin Buu (Market)
    • PQ 47 - Trunks (Near tournament, Plaza of Time)
    • PQ 51 - Broly (Near Time Machines, Time Machine Station)
  • Gathered all ultimate attacks!

    See "Full Ultimate Power!"

  • Gathered all super attacks!

    There are over 130 unique Super Attacks, and 45 Ultimate Attacks. You can find what Super/Ultimate Attacks you have by going to the  menu, selecting the bag, then skills list and move the selection to Super/Ultimate Attack.

    Super and Ultimate attacks are unlocked by finding them in Parallel Quests, and completing Master quests to unlock character-specific attacks, such as Vegeta's Galick Gun, and Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. You WILL need to gather the Dragonballs 4 times to gain 6 supers and 2 ultimates not available in PQ farming.

    Below indicates requirements to try and get each skill, please note they may not drop every time but these are confirmed requirements to get a chance to receive the skill. UF indicates Ultimate Finish conditions are required for this drop. 

    For a very good list check out the post here.

  • Completed 7 Auto-Patrols!

    Auto patrols are conducted while you are logged out of the game, however you can very easily get all 7 auto patrols by ending game, logging back in and collecting an auto patrol, then logging out again. Repeat that process up to 7 times for this achievement to unlock.

  • Observed 7 battles!

    For this, you can take the longer route and let it happen naturally where you aren't paired with an opponent in an uneven endless battle match, or you can create an endless battle room and adjust the host options to Don't Battle, so you always just sit and watch. Thanks to Tricka21 for pointing that out.

  • Gathered 500,000 zeni!

    You need 500,000 zeni all at once. Sound tough? Well, it is and it isn’t. If you want, you can grind this out at the very start of your game, and just save. Save. Save! Or, you can go the much easier route and wait until the very end of the game when you have the last set of parallel quests. Each of the parallel quests unlocked by doing the Legendary Saiyan Saga grant you a massive amount of Zeni – sometimes around 100,000 in a round depending on your performance. At this point, you will be running out of items to buy as well.

    So in short, work hard and save up early on, or make the money pretty much in your sleep in the end game.

  • Participated in Endless Battle 7 times!

    See “Online Champion.

  • Won Endless Battle 7 times!

    All of these play online and win online achievements can be obtained in endless battle, where you can either fight 1v1 or in groups in a game setting that just sends you back to the lobby after each match. This allows quick turnaround for win-farming, as well as doing the endless battle specific achievements. In terms of actually winning, there are many overpowered abilities that you can abuse to do it “legitimately,” you can ask friends to help you out, or you can actually do the work. From what I have seen, there is a good mix of insane players, and casuals, making these achievements more attainable than similar achievements in a standard fighting game.

  • Revived KO'd allies 7 times in online matches!

    In multiplayer battle matches (not PQs) you will have the ability to revive downed player allies by tapping  to lock on to their corpse, then moving within the circle around them to start reviving them. If you get interrupted, you can fly off, then come back without losing your revive progress. Simply revive 7 allies to get the achievement.

  • Friendship levels maximized with all masters!

    As you progress through the game you will unlock characters that offer to take you under their wing and educate you in the ways of combat, granting you unique skills, ultimates, and Z-souls. Most of these masters require you to do at least 4 unique quests, with some of them adding a 5th quest that asks you to gather an item of some sort (capsule or Z-soul). These quests are unlocked as you gain reputation with that particular master, which is primarily gained from doing parallel and story quests, but you will also receive some reputation when you talk to your master and receive free items from them. Your current master can be found in the time machine area of TokiToki City – or directly in front of where you exit from parallel quests (under the Hercule Statue). Masters appear randomly throughout the city as you unlock them, and you can switch masters at any time without disrupting your reputation with your current master, making it a good idea to switch to any masters you rarely see and want to have whenever you get the chance. You will need to wait for your previous master to reappear in Tokitoki City before you can switch back to them.

    Your current reputation, master, and overall masters status can be found in the main menus under player data by pressing  in the player data menu. This screen is broken down into all of the masters you have met, masters you have yet to meet (silhouettes), masters you are gaining reputation with (blue bar on right of their portrait), your current master (name in yellow), and quests you have completed with each master (progressively filling the four slots to the left of each portrait). Once the blue reputation bar completely fills up – after roughly 50 completed parallel quests – and you have finished all master quests with a particular master, “Complete” will appear over their head and their reputation bar will turn yellow and their achievement will unlock. Once all of this happens, you are free to switch to your next master and you never need to return to your current master.

    Note: You can gain reputation as any character you want, although you can only do master quests as your create a character.

    The Master info found in the Play Data section of the  menu. Here you can see which masters have met and trained with, those that have been have mastered, masters that have been met but haven't trained with, and those who haven't been met yet, so their pictures are just a silhouette right now.


Secret achievements

  • Cleared the Demon God Demigra Saga!

    For this saga, complete:
    Total Chaos! Rival Rumble
    Siege on Tokitoki! Awakened Demigra
    Defend History! Unknown Battle

    The entirety of the story is broken down into sagas from the main series and movies, incorporating “what if” scenarios, and often granting the main antagonists massive power boosts, forcing you to step in and help the heroes out. These quests are all found in the Temple of Time area of TokiToki City, with a majority of them coming from Trunks. The sagas themselves are broken down into multiple fights, or parts of larger fights, allowing you to take breaks between quests if you want to level up, buy items, etc., which can be important considering you need to do the entirety of the story alone. For the most part, you can do this with relative ease by leveling through parallel quests between sagas, making the story itself relatively easy after that, however it is possible to just push straight through the story and experience Dragon Ball Z’s villains at their finest.

    Each saga achievement will come as you complete the final quest in each saga.

  • Cleared the Legendary Super Saiyan Saga!

    This saga can more or less be considered a side quest, as you must first complete all prior sagas, up to and including the Demigra saga, and then watch the credits roll. At this point, you may recall Demigra dropping a strange shard when you defeated him. In order to reach the next saga, you must collect four more of these, the first of which can be found just outside the entrance to the Temple of Time zone, if you talk to the npc named “Recon." For the remaining three, you have a number of options, but if you browse your parallel quest list and look at what loot each quest rewards, you will find the remaining shards, or just scroll down a millimeter.

    • Shard 1 – Demigra
    • Shard 2 – Recon
    • Shard 3 – Parallel Quest 49, Saiyan Revolt. I’ve heard you need to “perfect” this, however I just got an A.
    • Shard 4a – PQ 42 Power of a Super Saiyan God
    • Shard 4b – PQ 18 Return of Ginyu Force
    • Shard 4c – PQ 14 Legendary Super Saiyan (Likely SS Goku. Take Goku to half HP, then defeat Krillin to enrage Goku)
    • Shard 5a – PQ 32 Super Saiyan Bargain Sale
    • Shard 5b – PQ 2 Prep for Attack of the Saiyans (Likely need to beat Goku, who has a chance to spawn at the very end of the quest)

    Big tip for the first Legendary Super Saiyan quest – Bring a taunt skill! I used The Savior Has Come ultimate, taught to me by Master Hercule and that worked wonders.

    Last Moments... Goku's Father, Bardock
    Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
    Firece Battle! Broly VS Bardock
    Low-class Warrior

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