Friendly Fighter Achievement

  • Friendly Fighter



    Give gifts to friends 15 times

    Needless to say, you will need at least one friend who has this game for this one. You can add friends who already have the game through Facebook, or invite people to play. The don’t necessarily need to have XBL, just play the game on any medium. If you wait until you are level 25 you can join a clan, and invite players from there to become friends. You can send one gift to each friend per day, so this will take a minimum of 15 days.

  • So the only way to add friends is via Facebook. Add me I guess?
  • Also via the referral code. My code: 64ab You can find your code by touching on the lighthouse. Its on the right island near your start island.
  • Add me with '6c1d'
  • Add me with a6b7
  • Add me please with eb04
  • Add me please with 317b :)
  • How do you add people with the code? I thought that only work when inviting new people to start playing the game.. in any case I'm bcc2
  • My code is 6149 I will gift you as often as I can :)
  • 55e96
  • Add me: 9eb08 :)
  • Please use my code: 6563a.
  • My code: d9dfb
  • My code is fc17. #7: I've been unable to enter other peoples' codes too, so seeing as we were both having the same problem, I thought I'd try to enter yours and it worked. Not sure why, but at least now we should both have neighbours. :D
  • Also, my facebook address is - if you add me, send me a message so I know who you are.
  • use my code d85ba
  • c3fbf
  • b0620
  • Dade0
  • 53706. i play daily.
  • bd6cb ADD ME, I PLAY DAILY
  • d85ba add me
  • bee46 add me pls :)
  • My code is 92337, please add me
  • my code is e8e423 feel free to add me I play this a lot until I get every achievement
  • My code is 7a318
  • My code is d6f9e0, feel free to add and I'll gift back.

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