1983 Mode Achievement

  • 1983 Mode



    Completed the game with the move guide turned off.

    At the main menu, go to Help & Options > Settings > Move Guide and select "Off". Start the game on Easy. Then just complete the game (kill the dragon) before you run out of lives. You can play in either Arcade or Home mode, but if you are going for "Lair King," it must be done in Arcade mode.

    This achievement can still be unlocked if you lose all your lives and choose to continue playing the game.

  • To turn move guide off simply hit the 'Windows' & 'I' key and then go into Game Options. From here you can also change control options and enable an xbox controller if you have one.
  • That's nice... unless you're using a tablet and don't have a physical keyboard attached! Swipe from the right side of your screen to bring up your Charms. Choose "Settings" and you will see your Game Options.

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