Flawless Achievement

  • Flawless



    Beat the game without dying

    The game automatically sets your lives to "5". Start the game on Easy. You can play in either Arcade or Home mode, but if you are going for "Lair King," it must be done in Arcade mode. This achievement requires you to not die for the entire game.

    This achievement will be difficult at first since you won’t know the moves for each scene. A good suggestion is if you successfully clear a scene, pause the game and write down what you did. Or you can use the walkthrough posted HERE. When you’ve played the game a few times, you will have memorized most of the scenes. The more difficult ones will be the scenes that only show up later in the game (since you won’t be playing those as much).

    My advice is to save at the beginning of each scene so if you die, you can just reload the game.


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