Going Down Achievement

  • Going Down



    Get off the elevator on the last floor

    First, when you first recognize this scene (you will see Dirk from behind jump off a circular stone staircase into a dark doorway), save the game. Then, let the platform fall to the 3rd ledge. Do not jump on it. If the scene continues and goes to a 4th, 5th and 6th ledge, you’re fine. Just let it go down to the 9th ledge them jump off by pressing in the direction of the ledge (as soon as the platform stops) and the achievement will unlock.

    If this scene is the short one (only three ledges) and it crashes into the floor after the 3rd ledge, just quit the game and reload (resume) your save and jump off at the 3rd ledge. Chances are that early on in the game it will only be the three ledges. The game will eventually have the scene where there are nine ledges (twice, actually. This scene is mirrored). Just remember to save at the beginning of the scene!

    If you are going for "Lair King", you have to jump off at the last possible ledge (points are not awarded if you jump onto any ledge other than the 3rd or 9th one), so make sure that you save at the beginning of the scene to see if it is the 3- or 9-ledge scene. Then jump off at the appropriate ledge for the maximum amount of points.

    You can unlock this in either Arcade or Home mode, but if you are going for "Lair King," it must be done in Arcade mode.


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