Giddy Gone Achievement

  • Giddy Gone



    Use the shortcut move in the Giddy Goons Room

    Normally (according to the move guide), there are four moves to this scene: , , and . When you do the shortcut move correctly, you skip the second command entirely. Here’s how:

    First, save your game when the scene starts in case you miss the move. Then, after you press to walk up the stairs, before the Giddy Goons appear at the top of the staircase, press . This will bypass the Goons appearing, thus ending the scene.

    The picture below shows the last possible moment you can press before the Giddy Goons appear at the top of the stairs. If you miss this opportunity, just reload the scene.

    Note: This can only be done on Easy mode since it’s required that you press on the stairs on Hard mode, in either Arcade or Home mode, but if you are going for "Lair King," it must be done in Arcade mode.

    Note II: Skipping this one move does not affect the scoring if you are going for "Lair King," as the command you normally press after you press on the stairs doesn’t award you any points. Pressing instead of awards you with the same amount of points.

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  • Wow... not even a simple guide at the top! This is when you come out of a trap door at the bottom of a stairwell. A door way - and a giddy goon (purple "giddy" creatures) - appears to your left after you climb out of the trap door. Use the sword, go right... then keep pressing "up" repeatedly until you go up and out the door at the top. The achievement will unlock!

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