Choked Out Achievement

  • Choked Out



    Dirk dies via asphyxiation in the bedroom scene

    When you recognize this scene as the one where the wall closes up on you, press either or . This will cause Dirk to not move and the room be filled with toxic gas, killing him.

    When you press or , the wall closes up and the room fills with gas. Pressing and will reveal another death scene (Dirk being trapped in the wall).

    Note: This can only be done on Hard difficulty, in either Arcade or Home mode.

    If you are following the roadmap, your Hard playthrough should be just to complete the game to earn the "Quest Complete" achievement. You can lose lives, but make sure you don’t lose them all. Save this achievement for that playthrough.

  • This one is EXTREMELY glitched! You have to play this game on "Hard" difficulty. I don't know if you can do it in "Arcade" mode (instead of "Home"), but I finally got it in Arcade mode. It may not matter if you do it in "Home" mode, but the bedroom scene apparently does not appear on "Normal" difficulty. You must not die before you get to this room! If you do, the achievement will NOT unlock (glitch/bug... whatever). When you get there... press "left" (or "right") when you get the move prompt. If you get the "gassed" cut scene... you did it and the achievement will unlock! If you get caught in the wall bricking-up, you failed and will have to start a "new game." When it does work and you get the achievement, if you pause the game, exit, and "load" the game... you can try again..
  • ... but no matter how many tries after you die, it will always fail (hence, you can NOT die before getting this achievement)! Try it - even after you get the achievement. Stupid bug!

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