Eat Me Achievement

  • Eat Me



    Lost your last life in the Drink Me scene... and watched carefully.

    Although the scenes are random, from my experience, it comes pretty early on in the game. Instead of pressing to exit the room, don’t press anything.

    Note: Play this in Home mode. This allows you to repeat the scene as long as you don’t complete it (as opposed to Arcade mode which changes scenes every time you die). So no matter how many lives you have left, the game will keep repeating this scene if you don’t press .

    The title to this achievement is actually an easter egg in the original arcade game: "If you lose your last life on the "Drink Me" scene, when Dirk's skeleton crumbles down, the bottle with the 'Drink Me' sign is missing but replaced with a loaf of bread and a sign that says 'EAT ME'."

    Source: Laser Disc Game Easter Eggs


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