- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 35 (700) (10-12 hours)
- Online: 15 (300) (10-12 hours)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 20+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Glitched/unobtainable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Extra equipment needed: Online Pass

Driver: San Francisco Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the Prologue

    Unlocked through natural story progression. See "End of the Road" for further details.

  • Complete Chapter 1

    Unlocked through natural story progression. See "End of the Road" for further details.

  • Complete Chapter 2

    Unlocked through natural story progression. See "End of the Road" for further details.

  • Complete Chapter 3

    Unlocked through natural story progression. See "End of the Road" for further details.

  • Complete Chapter 4

    Unlocked through natural story progression. See "End of the Road" for further details.

  • Complete Chapter 5

    Unlocked through natural story progression. See "End of the Road" for further details.

  • Complete Chapter 6

    Unlocked through natural story progression. See "End of the Road" for further details.

  • Complete Chapter 7

    Unlocked through natural story progression. See "End of the Road" for further details.

  • Complete Chapter 8

    Unlocked through natural story progression. See "End of the Road" for further details.

  • Complete the Story

    A fairly short and straightforward story that won't take you long to wrap up. It really only consists of 7 missions as the last two are more of a continuation after Chapter 7. The story requires you to complete the yellow marked missions that you unlock by completing the tasks surrounding them. They range from simply being a getaway to guarding an armored vehicle. Each chapter has 2 missions and multiple tasks. Once the final cutscene appears your achievement will be unlocked.

  • Reach Multiplayer Level 5 (Public)

    See "Master" for further details.

  • Reach Multiplayer Level 20 (Public)

    See "Master" for further details.

  • Master



    Reach Multiplayer Level 38 (Public)

    No matter what you do you can earn EXP, whether that's through public matches, receiving bonuses for qualifying and doing well in the match itself, along with a match bonus, or whatever. Just head online and get involved with the masses. You'll roughly need 450,000 EXP, which should take you a good 8-9 hours or so.

  • Spin out 10 Vehicles with Impulse (Public)

    At level 12 you'll unlock 'Impulse.' This will allow you to strike opponents through the 'Shift' mechanic. In short, to get his achievement you'll need to maximize the bar and then release it while staying on your target. They don't actually have to be moving. if you're struggling, play Blitz and when attacking use Impulse on an idle defending vehicle. Use it on 10 vehicles and you have your achievement.

  • Swap or Spawn into 20 Unique Vehicles (Public)

    At level 8 you'll unlock the ability to swap into another vehicle while still in your current ride - at level 18 you'll unlock the ability to spawn your own vehicle. If you don't mind leaving the lobby every game to enter your multiplayer profile and constantly change into a UNIQUE vehicle then you're gold. However, if you're like me and can't be bothered with all that and you're in it for the long haul anyway, just play the game and eventually it'll come in time. Just make sure to change your ride occasionally after a few unlocks or when switching to another game mode.

  • Place in the top 3 in Classic Race 10 times (Public)

    Not the funnest mode in Driver: SF, but a traditional race nonetheless, consisting of 2 long laps in a slow car. There's no shifting, but there's no damage either. Simply place in the top 3 in 10 different races and you'll be fine.

    Note: All you need is a minimum of 1 other player in the game to meet the criteria for this achievement.

  • Place in the top 3 in Sprint GP 10 times (Public)

    The 'Sprint GP' game mode consists of 5 short races, with each race allowing you to score 1-10 points, depending on where you finish. Quite simply, the overall highest score wins. Simply place in the top 3 in terms of points at the end of the race, do it 10 times, and you'll get the achievment.

    Note: All you need is a minimum of 1 other player in the game to meet the criteria for this achievement.

  • Place in the top 3 in Shift Race 10 times (Public)

    Placing first in the qualifier can be quite helpful in these races. The 'Shift' race consists of 3 medium sized laps allowing you to 'Shift' into different vehicles. If you took good care and placed first in the qualifier then you'll be able to 'Shift' right at the beginning of the race, giving you a great start and a superb advantage. Just place in the top 3 in 10 different races to get the achievement.

    Note: All you need is a minimum of 1 other player in the game to meet the criteria for this achievement.

  • Score 10 times in Capture the Flag (Public)

    This is one of the harder achievements to get in this game, as there's only 1 flag and a lot of people will be going for it, naturally. Be forewarned as well, teammates will attempt to smash you into a wall just like any other player for that flag - there's no honour and teamwork online, it seems. Just get the flag and score 10 times. It sounds simple but it might require more luck than judgement. If all else fails, check the Achievement Trading Thread for some community members to help with the grind.

  • Carry the Torch for 20s, 25 times in Relay Race (Public)

    The 'Relay Races' can be quite enjoyable if you have the right teammates. The game mode consists of two flags: yours and the opposing team's. Whoever holds the flag has around 30 seconds to get as far as they can in the race before they run out of fuel. Once they run out of fuel, their car is useless and the flag is dropped allowing the next teammate to pick it up. Timing it right and knowing when to let your teammate take the flag gives you a better chance at winning. You are allowed to essentially steal the flag from your teammate too, but however you play is up to you. In order to get the achievement, grab the flag for 20 seconds and do it 25 times - not in one race, of course... that'd be insane! And not to mention impossible.

  • Successfully attack the base 10 times in Blitz (Public)

    A pretty straightforward and easy achievement if ever there was one. You simply must reach the enemy zone and stay clear of them as much as possible - one small touch and you're back 'Shifting' to a new car. One of the maps I found easiest involved 4 entries: 2 uphill, 2 downhill. Try the uphill roads and reach high speeds allowing you to jump over any guarding enemies and right into the score zone.

  • Keep the Tag for 10s, 50 times in Tag (Public)

    This achievement requires you do the opposite of 'Tag' really, as you want to be it in this scenario. Simply hit the tagged driver and drive away swerving, braking, and boosting your way away from your pursuers. After 10 seconds you've fulfilled the requirement for 1 of the 50 times needed to unlock this achievement, so if you want to let someone take the tag, allowing you to grab it again, then you can make another attempt and carry on working towards your grand total. It defeats the object a little bit, but hey, you can get an achievement for it.

  • Reach 25 drop-off locations in Takedown (Public)

    It's a slightly time consuming achievement if you're sat in a full lobby because you only get one run a game to attempt a getaway and reach the 3-4 drop-off locations within a given time with a certain damage threshold. However, it is a great mode to play for EXP because on average I received anywhere between 9,000-11,000 EXP per game. Yes, they're longer games, but they reward you with very good EXP without having to play a qualifier in between.

  • Stay in both trails for 30s in Trailblazer (Public)

    In the 'Free For All' game mode, you can play 'Trailblazer.' Personally, I found this achievement rather easy, but others have struggled. My suggestion is to grab a car of good speed and durability, doing so will keep you in the running for longer. I find it best to slowly accelerate into the back end of the DeLorean that you have to streamline and basically attach yourself to him, allowing you to stay in both trails while never losing position. Stay there for 30 seconds, get your achievement. Simple.

    Note: Fear not, it doesn't need to be done 30 seconds consecutively, but in total during the match.

  • Score 1000 gates in Checkpoint/Team Rush (Online)

    This mode consists of speed and gates. If you're behind in the race there is a time allotted for the checkpoints, so if you fall behind 'Shift' your way to the front. On average you can score around 90-100 checkpoints a game.

  • Beat the Target Time/Score on any Challenge

    Simple enough this one, just complete a challenge under par time. Not difficult, especially with the earlier challenges. Challenges are unlocked by either purchasing garages, finding movie collectables, or purchased through Uplay.

  • Complete the 'Blast from the Past' Challenge

    In the DeLorean AMC reach 88mph and be prepared for a trip!

    Thanks to italianstallion for a great guide to show you how to get the car and complete the challenge:

  • Unlock a Movie Challenge

    See "That's a Wrap!" for further details.

  • Unlock 6 Movie Challenges


    See "That's a Wrap!" for further details.

  • Unlock all 13 Movie Challenges


    There are a total of 130 movie icons scattered across San Francisco. To obtain these your car must make contact with the icon - some of them you just drive into while some of the others involve big air. Each movie challenge is unlocked after 10 icons have been collected.

    An easy method to find and retrieve each movie icon is to upgrade your "Collectable Finder" and use 'Shift' - hold down to make your map bigger allowing you to see and 'Shift' to where the collectables are.

    Once you have 130 collectibles, complete all 13 Movie Challenges.

  • Complete an Activity

    See "Radioactive!" for further details.

  • Complete 25 Activities

    See "Radioactive!" for further details.

  • Complete 50 Activities

    Activities are similar to the tasks involved in unlocking the story's main missions i.e. Come in 1st or 2nd, Getaway, Smash Objects, Guard the Vehicle, etc. It's a simple enough achievement, just make sure you have a good vehicle to make these a lot easier to complete.

  • Complete a Dare

    See "Master Driver" for further details.

  • Complete 40 Dares

    See "Master Driver" for further details.

  • Complete all 80 Dares

    Dares are available right from the beginning of the game and are marked by blue figures on your map. To distinguish the difference between dares and movie collectibles, check your legend. These dares are simple, but sometimes tedious and a little hard so for help, why not check out this mini-guide by Callum x360a if you need some more help. You won't regret it.

  • Buy your first Vehicle

    Insured or not, to get this achievement you just need to go to the first garage given to you and purchase a vehicle. The cheapest being $1,000. To enter the garage through 'Shift,' hover over the garage's icon and press to enter.

  • Buy 50 Vehicles

    See "Petrolhead" for further details.

  • Buy all of the Vehicles from the Garage

    There are a total of 140 vehicles in the garage to purchase in total and while most cars are affordable there are however a few expensive ones. The McLaren F1, Lamborghini LP-670V, Ruf CT3, and Pagani Zonda to name but a few, will cost you roughly 2.8 million.

    Note: There are also 50 vehicles that are unlocked through completing the activities, so don't forget about these.

    See "Hey Big Spender!" for tips on income.

  • Buy your first Garage

    See "First Time Buyer" for further details.

  • Buy all of the Garages in the City

    There are 10 garages to buy in all, in 10 different areas of San Francisco. There are garages in these 10 districts:

    - Downtown
    - Fisherman's Wharf
    - Forest Hill
    - Golden Gate Park
    - Hunters Point
    - Lighthouse Bay
    - Marin
    - Midtown
    - Presidio
    - Redwood

    You will be rewarded with 'First Time Buyer' when you buy your first and this achievement when you've bought all 10. In total you should roughly have spent around .75 million dollars on garages.

    Note: This can only be obtained after unlocking the last section of the city.

  • Buy all of the Upgrades from the Garage

    This will require a large sum of WP (will power) to complete. To increase your income, try buying the multiplier upgrade first. The rest of the achievement is self explanatory - just buy all the given upgrades.

    Note: Some of the Upgrades are only unlocked after X amount of dares have been completed.

  • Spend 5,000,000 WP

    Rather than buying cars to start with, start off by upgrading your multiplier and completing dares along the way. Why? Because each upgraded multiplier increases from 1.5, to 3, and then to 10! Your income will increase every 20 minutes too, but in order to unlock the 2nd and 3rd upgrades, you'll need to complete an additional 20 dares per increase.

    It's not too difficult to complete this with whatever car you own either as you can 'Shift' or are required to shift into other cars to finish the dares. So by completing dares and activities along with the story nearing the end, you should've easily gotten the achievement by then.

  • Complete the Shift Tutorial

    Once you enter the singleplayer portion of the game this will be the first achievement you get (story related).

  • Shift 1000 Times (Story/Online)

    I wouldn't focus too much on this achievement since it's very easy to get and you're likely to get it with natural progression anyway. Between the story mode and the multiplayer, you'll have this in no time.

  • Drive over 1000 miles (~1610 km) (Story/Online)

    Same as "Shift Happens", with natural progression you're bound to get this without any extra effort.

  • Complete 30 Freedrive Cop Chases

    Just as the title says, complete "Cop Chases" i.e. cop or getaway missions. Story missions pertaining to these do not count, only freedrive missions count, meaning you have to initiate these youselves. It's easier as a cop in my opinion - just tag a red blimp on your map, start the pursuit and Shift to take him out. It shouldn't take more than a minute to complete one. Complete 30 and this achievement is yours.

  • Complete a Getaway Activity in a Car Transporter

    This is best done on the first 'Getaway Activity' and definitely the easiest time to do it. Simply buy a transporter for a costly 1,000 and start the activity. Once it begins, start 'Shifting' your way into vehicles, taking out the cop cars - usually 5 end up on the scene. One by one take them out and reach the safe zone before the clock runs out. Make sure no cops are left or you won't be able to complete the getaway. Also, remember to 'Shift' back into the Car Transporter before finishing the activity.

  • Drive down Lombard Street, no collisions, over 20mph (Story)

    Easy this one, and rather iconic too, after all, it is Lombard Street.

    Lombard Street, in case you didn't know, is the well-known windy road in San Francisco - with the red brick road, of sorts, and the green shrubbery all over it.

    Right from the get go 'Shift' into a small car - I chose the Alfa Romeo - and slowly make your way down the windy road. Don't hold down onto the trigger, simply let the car roll down and when it starts to drop down to 22-23mph just get back on the gas slightly enough to raise you back to around the 30mph mark. Continue this until you reach the bottom and you'll get the achievement.

  • Perform a 250m Drift or Jump (Story/Online)

    There are multiple ways to get address this achievement:

    1. Using a car with high drift stats and fair speed, enter one of the offroading areas where there are many C-Turns along the way. Build up enough speed, brake softly and slightly turn allowing your car to do the drifting instead of you spinning out. Make sure to control it, however, so that it doesn't regain traction and straighten out. It'll take a few attempts, but you'll soon get the hang of it.

    2. A simpler method would be wedging yourself into one of the trucks with an SUV. Here's a tip telling you how.

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